Zucchetti's image restyling: new logo & new payoff!

In order to get a more modern look and to better convery our values on the market, a new logo and payoff have been designed.

When thinking of how to coordinate Zucchetti’s corporate image we decided to start from a restyling of our logo, the distinctive element of our company that communicates our values: quality, simplicity and innovation.

In order to do so, we made the logo simpler, cleaner and more modern. The blue colour, Zucchetti’s historical colour that represents our strength, security and competency, becomes brighter for a more modern style while the letters become more rounded to convey flexibility and continuous change.

The “Z” gets detached from the overall logo and becomes Zucchetti’s distinctive symbol to strengthen its positioning on the market. It is in fact used in our offices, on our website, on social media and in all communications.

The payoff changes and becomes “Our software, your success”, acquiring more importance, since it will not be under “Zucchetti” anymore but it will be used separately as a slogan to better communicate our values.

The new logo will therefore be used in every communication: online, on brochure, at events, on institutional material and much more. Everything will be clearer, coherent and effective to become more recognizable on the market and increase our brand awareness and recognition.