Solmicro's new White Paper to adapt to the new Spanish VAT regulation

"SII Guide: is your company ready to adapt to the new taxes regulation?“ is the new guide to help companies face the SII, the new way of telematic management of the VAT.

On 1st July 2017, the new “Suministro Inmediato de Información, SII” rule (Immediate Information Supply) will get into effect. The SII rule is a new regulation developed by the Spanish Tax Agency, to implement the telematic management of the VAT. With this new system, several companies will be ought to manage  the VAT online. Moreover, the obligation to report informative declarations will disappear (340, 347 and 390 forms). Another important change regards the self-assessment terms, which will be extended to the 30 first calendar days of the following month.

In order to help any company who is facing the challenges of adapting its process to the new VAT regulation, Solmicro has just published the White paper “SII Guide: Is your company ready to adapt to the new tax regulation?“. 
This new guide brings the answer to the most frequent questions about the new VAT regulation. The document will give an overview of the SII: what it is, the reasons to implement it, what companies will be affected by it, when the new process will come into effect and what advantages and consequances in terms of legislation it will bring. Moreover, it explains how an ERP software is the optimal tool to face this change.

This didactic document is part of Solmicro white papers collection, that aims at bringing a close and professional service to companies to assist them in the complex process of selecting, implementing or adapting to a management software. The software manufacturer does an effort to provide companies with high valued information about different subjects related with Solmicro's activity: ERP-CRM management.
The white papers “The new ERP-CRM. Trends for 2017”, “How to face an ERP-CRM implantation. Keys for success,How to select the best ERP for your company”, “Mobility Guide: new ways to do business in a mobility environment” and the recent “Keys to improve the traceability of your products. How to optimize the supply chain with an ERP”, have been previously edited by Solmicro. The new guide about the SII normative that Solmicro is now launching on the market, completes this collection.

Solmicro has been developing management solutions for more than 20 years, always at the forefront, paying attention to the market changes and to the consequences that the new VAT regulation would have for the companies. This is why its managing software Solmicro-eXpertis ERP is nowadays the perfect tool for a professional management of the SII tax obligations, being completely adapted to the new requirements of the Spanish Tax Agency.