Software for Catering and Retail

Catering Software Tailor-Made For You

Zucchetti's offer for hospitality includes management software for restaurants and catering chains and many solutions to simplify and improve the management of premises and activities in the catering world.
Whatever your business, Zucchetti's catering software is aimed at you:

  • Restaurants, Michelin-starred restaurants, and pizzerias 
  • Restaurants Chains
  • Bars, pubs, canteens, catering and online ordering

Make Your Restaurant Management Easy

Zucchetti catering software makes it easy to manage your restaurant in every area and at every stage of service.
Still don't know how to digitise your restaurant? Take a look here!

  • Handheld orders and table management
  • App for online ordering and takeaway
  • Menu and stock management
  • Electronic accounting and invoicing
  • Electronic receipt and advanced payments
  • Reports and statistics also from smartphones
  • Kitchen monitors, touchscreen tables and interactive kiosks
  • Shift and staff management
  • Customer and loyalty card management

Solutions for all tastes born from the experience in the ERP world

The many functionalities available enable the management of all daily, ordinary and extraordinary activities, all digitally and exploiting the potential of automated processes.

The combination of Zucchetti software and innovative hardware systems such as multi-functional POS, checkout barriers, self-service, queue-busting systems and vending machines improves venue management, reduces waste of time and money, and provides better service to your customers at the same time!

Furthermore, Zucchetti solutions grow as your premises and the complexity of your business grows!