Software for Hospitality and Retail

Catering or hospitality: we have the solutions for all tastes!

Zucchetti software solutions for catering and hospitality let you manage all your business processes and equip you with the right tools for meeting every need of the Hospitality market in a precise and timely manner. Specifically, we provide solutions for the following areas:
  • catering (restaurants, pizzerias, bars, cafes and pastry shops, take-aways, self-service restaurants, canteens, pubs, discos);
  • accommodation facilities (family-run hotels, hotel chains, villages and campsites, and lodging);
  • sport & wellness (spas, swimming pools, gyms, wellness centers).

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Zucchetti Catering Software, the perfect ingredient for your business

From the family bistro or diner to luxury restaurants: Zucchetti solutions for the catering sector let you manage bars, restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, ice cream parlors, pastry shops and wine bars in a simple, efficient and complete manner.
The extensive experience and knowledge Zucchetti acquired in the catering sector have allowed us to create solutions in line with all operational, management and fiscal aspects of the industry: reservations, table, order and payment management, apps for take-aways, but also intelligent stock and employee management and much more. 
Equip your business with the right tools to offer a best-in-class service that meets expectations. Improve service quality while minimizing costs, errors and simplifying catering management. With Zucchetti’s software solutions for the catering and on-site dining industry!

You want to upgrade the way you manage your hotel? Our software products are ready to accomodate you!

A broad and complete offer of specific solutions for family-run hotels, hotel chains, resorts, accommodation facilities, spas and sports centers.
We offer both cloud-based software as well as on-prem, installed on your PCs – everything you need to meet the demanding requirements of the Hospitality sector, to offer a superior service and experience to your guests.
Management software, PMS, Channel manager, Booking Engine and revenue management modules let you manage every aspect of your business, optimize rates and develop effective business strategies.

Thanks to Zucchetti solutions, you will have the possibility to have a single supplier for the global management of your business.