Case history

Wyler Vetta

The age of digitization

Client: Wyler Vetta
Field: Retail Watches
No. of employees: 3
Turnover: 130,000 euro

Client Profile

Wyler Vetta Srl is a new company, established in 2021 to sell the Wyler Vetta brand of prestigious watches. The need arises from the new market positioning of the company.The watch manufacturer has expressed its desire to bring the brand back to the medium-high range sector, as per its tradition. Thanks to the new focus on this specific sector, the need arose to further focus on this distribution channel while maintaining the same quality for widespread distribution. The brand’s Swiss Made production and Italian ownership have been unique since 1923, the year Wyler Vetta was founded. The brand itself is strongly linked to a patent, the Incaflex balance wheel, which revolutionised the watch sector in the 1930s, making the watch suitable for everyday wear, even when playing sports, thanks to the resistance and unbreak ability of the Wyler Vetta clockwork mechanism. After celebrating in 2021 the 125th anniversary of the company and its founder Paul Wyler, the Wyler Vetta watch collection is an expression of the finest Italian creativity combined
with Swiss technology.

Technology Partners Italia were established with the aim of offering complete information systems thanks to Zucchetti and the development of customized solutions.
It offers software solutions, hardware and services capable of solving all business needs from management and ERP solutions, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, document management and electronic storage, ICT projects and System Integration, qualified assistance from installation to after-sales.

Wyler Vetta Srl is the result of an articulated plan to reposition the watch brand of the same name and consolidate its distribution network. It therefore contains precise expectations and set objectives which are the result of in-depth analyses. The new distribution model was created by identifying the precise needs of the company and a targeted search in the IT market for ERP software solutions suitable for the digital expansion of Wyler Vetta Srl. In particular, the company was looking for a versatile and "logical" management software to manage the various activities of a growing company .

MagoCloud, Zucchetti's innovative ERP hosted solution, proved to be the most suitable application for the needs of the customer, who were looking for an efficient, fast and secure cloud management technology for its activities. With MagoCloud, areas such as Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, Warehousing, Logistics and Production - both internally and through subcontractors - are easily managed and monitored. MagoCloud turned out to be a competent solution, with rich features and tools that allowed the company to manage every need of the business. MagoCloud was installed and customized in line with the customer needs, and enriched with some minor customization, which in the short term, will be the basis for further implementations and modifications. In fact,the customer is ready to integrate with the e-commerce solution.

Marcello Binda, CEO:
“The advantage of having a technology application such as MagoCloud by our side is the ability to obtain everything in a short timescale. The products chosen and used embrace the different needs of the company: from electronic invoicing to accounting, from purchases to the product warehouse".