Case history

Sapori & Ricordi

Digital brings taste and conviviality home

Client: Sapori & Ricordi
Field: Food & Beverage eCommerce
No. of employees: 3

Client Profile

Sapori & Ricordi is an E-commerce start-up of food and wine products launched in 2021 based on its directors’ experience and friendship and their desire to share the values of quality and well-being. The two founders, Ele and Manu, smile from the pages of their social networks, portraying a perception of immediate transparency of their business values, communicating their welcoming and convivial approach. They both have a background in Business and Economics and a variety of experiences in Italian and international business acumen.
There came a turning point, fuelled by the decision to share their passion for food and their pursuit of quality ingredients and wine products. A turning point from a business perspective, but also from a family point of view thanks to the involvement and support of friends and relatives. The most significant moments in life and the important choices of Sapori & Ricordi are always sealed with a glass of good wine or some carefully chosen culinary delicacies.


Technology Partners Italia were established with the aim of offering complete information systems thanks to Zucchetti and the development of customized solutions. It offers software solutions, hardware and services capable of solving all business needs from management and ERP solutions, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, document management and electronic storage, ICT projects and System Integration, qualified assistance from installation to after-sales.

Sapori & Ricordi operates in the Italian retail and wholesale markets and also in the countries of the European Union.
Thanks to the E-commerce system, it distributes products from the agri-food chain, as well as drinks and utensils. The entrepreneurial heart of the business focuses on the search for quality products which can be included in the portfolio: here the two founders play a key role. This painstaking and passionate selection process must have the support of an efficient solution for managing the company’s orders, inventory, distribution and invoicing. In particular, Sapori & Ricordi felt the need to automate its inventory for incoming and outgoing processes and to ensure future scalability whilst managing operational costs.

To manage online digital sales, Sapori & Ricordi chose the Shopify platform. It was therefore necessary to find a cloud management software application that could be integrated with this technology. The decision was made to opt for Zucchetti's MagoCloud management software. The project saw the development of an API integration of the MagoCloud platform with both Shopify and their logistics partner, as well as an update of stocks from the WMS.

The requirements were such that there was a need to maintain Shopify as the master system with the need to automatically send orders to suppliers, an integration between MagoCloud and Shopify was developed and a standard MagoCloud warehouse management procedure was adopted to ensure that all the key information would be clear and available to suppliers. In fact, MagoCloud allows for a centralized management of logistics and warehouse, thanks to applications designed to optimize stocks, costs, plan inventories, manage shipments and payments.

Eleonora Pradelli, CoFounder:
“We chose the MagoCloud solution because it is easy and quick to integrate and for the levels of the activities that can be managed by the solution. In particular, for our own needs, we considered it (many features are available) starting from the management of inventory and orders to suppliers. Its inventory and sales performance reporting is also very useful, including the ABC report, which assigns a rating to products based on revenue from the most recent 28-day period available to help you understand how to focus business priorities. Finally, we were looking for a reliable tool for invoicing and payments".