Case history


Digitization to drink!

Client: Macario
Field: Beverage
No. of employees: 6
Turnover: 350,000 euro 

Client Profile

Ancient recipes and modern production: this is what characterizes Macario Srl. The company exports its distinctive soft drinks, playfully adorned with the smiling faces of colourful pin-ups, from its headquarters in Alessandria to 30 countries in 5 continents. The choice of the retro style branding is not accidental: it is a clear reference to the company’s origins when, in the 1950s, Nonna Vittoria welcomed guests into the Macario house with refreshing drinks she had invented herself. The tradition was then continued by her grandchildren who made a commercial production of Nonna’s drinks, maintaining her old recipes but moving towards a modern digital platform. They began producing and marketing 5 soda drinks (orange, lemonade, gazzosa, chinotto, tonic) and 3 iced teas (lemon, peach, mint), using natural ingredients for the drinks and eco friendly glass for the bottles (the plastic film used is made with 30% recycled material).
In 2022, the company was taken over by two entrepreneurial families who, with a view to diversifying their investment portfolio, decided to make it grow while preserving its strong brand identity.


Measoft is linked to a significant year, 2014, when important distributors of the Mago management solutions (i.e., Mago4 and more recently MagoCloud) already present on the market, decided to join forces with the aim of improving the quality of the service. Its collaboration with professionals from different sectors has led Measoft to study in great depth the needs of SMEs to offer customized management solutions tailored to the different business sectors. So proposing not only management solutions, but also other, Zucchetti group solutions suitable for different markets. Measoft offers a complete customer care service, which covers training, development, analysis, consultancy and an important product support service.

Macario Srl, entrusting its production to a third-party producer under private label, had time to focus on optimizing all the phases related to the purchase, storage and sale of the products. As a small business, it therefore needed to streamline and add value to all its logistical and administrative processes.
The need arose to adopt an ERP capable of adapting to the specific business management needs (administrative area, sales and purchasing, warehouse and logistics) and to create synergies between the departments.

A cloud platform was chosen, which resulted in a cost effective solution: no license costs, no on-premise installation and no invest ment in hardware. Therefore, an agile solution able to contain costs. Furthermore, the cloud has made it possible to work remotely since the management of processes is not tied to the PCs in the company. With an internet connection, the company staff can now control and monitor the various processes, anywhere and at any time, having guaranteed data protection. 
The MagoCloud à la carte application has responded in an optimal way to the customised needs of the company, such as warehouse management or the creation of price lists by customer category. The implementation of the project has made Macario Srl more competitive, guaranteeing the effective and safe control of all administrative and accounting aspects and the efficient management of the warehouse and logistic processes.

Andrea Bariggi, director of Macario Srl:
“When we found ourselves having to select a provider for the company's ERP management software following the company's acquisition, Zucchetti seemed an optimal all-round solution, since it was a well-known Italian experience in the technology sector. We are extremely satisfied with the high-quality customer service received and we would certainly choose it again in the future for other business ventures”.