Case history

Fondazione Housing Sociale

Password: accessibility

Client: Fondazione Housing Sociale
Field: Social, urban and architectural planning of social housing interventions
No. of employees: 30
Turnover: 2,000,000 euro

Client Profile

Founded by the Cariplo Foundation in 2004, with the participation of the Lombardy Region and the ANCI (Association of National Italian Municipalities) Lombardy, the Social Housing Foundation (FHS) is a foundation established with the mission of developing the Social Housing Project and promoting the development and strengthening of the organisation. FHS has played a leading role in the development of the social housing sector in Italy, having promoted the creation of the Investment Fund for Living, which carries out social housing projects nationwide.
Today, FHS is mainly active as a promoter of the entire sector and as a technical-social advisor for the funds that invest in social housing in Italy, providing assistance for the planning of the urban, architectural and social aspects of the projects and support in terms of the social activities within the communities. FHS is a not-for-profit organisation, which intends to contribute to solving the housing problem, with particular regard to situations of economic and/or social disadvantage, as well as supporting the creation of housing environments in which to experience positive relationships with the other inhabitants of the communities, supported by a network of services.

BT Datasoft has been supporting companies for over 30 years in their commercial, administrative, logistic and production processes.
With the experience gained over time in management and in the development of custom solutions, it has become a point of reference for the Mago product, even before it entered the Zucchetti galaxy. Due to this commitment, it has been indicated as a "Platinum Partner" for the Mago product since 2006 and for "Infinity Competence" from 2017 to today.

What led to the decision to acquire MagoCloud was the need to manage the Foundation’s complex administration. In fact, in its growth the Foundation has felt the need for a complete management system for keeping the accounts. The management of customers / suppliers is of particular importance, from invoicing to payments and the payment schedule. In recent years, due to the health emergency, the increasing importance of ensuring flexibility in the ways in which the product is used has also emerged. It must be accessible from multiple locations and available for immediate use.
The Finance Area of the Foundation deals with the economic-financial structuring of Social Housing initiatives. In particular, it assists public operators (municipal administrations, former IACPs - Autonomous Institutes of Public Housing- and others) and private operators (foundations of banking origin, asset management companies, real estate operators, cooperatives, associations and building contractors), in the economic-financial planning of the initiatives. It therefore requires a reliable and complete tool capable of managing all phases.

Taking advantage of the internalisation of the accounting of a partner Foundation, with which a strategic agreement is in force, and which has the same administrative needs as FHS, it was possible to evaluate the impact and benefits of a cloud solution, which was implemented following the positive experience gained and the actual saving of time and resources.
The Foundation was already using the Mago4 management software effectively, so a decision was made to “stay with Mago” and to opt for the cloud solution, MagoCloud. The choice to maintain a line of continuity with the previous management system proved to be a winning one, due to the very fast go live times and the familiarity of use by the work team.
The data migration between the two management systems was fluid and effective.The staff found MagoCloud functional and it offered procedures they had already experienced in Mago4, with the advantage of being able to work remotely, without being bound to the workplace. The training times were therefore very short and this allowed FHS to be immediately operational. Furthermore, agility and speed were the two requisites required by the articulated activity of FHS, in addition to the guaranteeing of data security and protection. FHS has found the ideal solution in MagoCloud.

Marco Bessi, Administrative Employee: “The transition from Mago4 to MagoCloud has allowed us greater flexibility, while guaranteeing the same functionality. Having transferred the database through a dynamic migration process, to the cloud was seamless. The most positive aspect of the application is having a management software accessible from any device at any mobile, even more so in a period like this one, when working from home has to be a possibility”.