Case history


Retail reinvented: 360° customer experience with Zucchetti's POS solution for cash registers, scales and self-checkout

Client: Manor SA
Sector: Retail Trade
No. of Employees: 8,000

Client Profile

The Swiss department store group welcomes its customers to the most attractive locations in the country and, in doing so, contributes to enlivening Switzerland's cities. Manor AG, headquartered in Basel, is the country's largest department store chain. The company, which is well-established and represented nationally, employs around 8,000 people and is currently training 260 apprentices. The Manor Group includes 59 Manor department stores, 27 Manor Food supermarkets and 26 Manora restaurants. In total, Manor carries over a million products from approximately 2,800 suppliers from around the world. Among them, around 700 are local producers who supply seasonal products to the Manor Food markets.

Manor was previously using a POS solution that was developed in-house.
Over time, it became outdated, meaning it created frictions in the daily business and posed a challenge also for the introduction of more modern and innovative tools from other suppliers, as the POS solution couldn’t work well with these systems. Since the Manor department store offers customers both regular service and self-service catering, self-checkout as well as standard POS systems traditionally used in department stores, they required a POS system that could offer a solution for all of these different needs. The TCPOS product was the most suitable solution – providing one central system for all points of sale with reliable offline capabilities and high performance in terms of item count and campaign calculations.  

Manor had already been using its core ERP and POS systems for a long time.
Between 2016 and 2020, in order to meet customer's future digitization and omnichannel requirements, Manor renewed and expanded its system landscape. This upgrade was implemented throughout Manor's OMNIA programme. Within the programme, as part of the OMNIA POS project, the TCPOS software solution was evaluated and implemented, in addition to renewing the POS and scales hardware.

The requests were executed based on a mutually agreed specification. The effective project implementation was carried out over the course of two years, from 2016 to 2018.  
Together, Manor and Zucchetti decided to implement the project using an agile methodology. It involved a series of recurring meetings, in which Zucchetti Switzerland updated the customer at each stage of the project, thus facilitating the management of each new request.

The existing sales processes were analysed and optimally implemented in the new TCPOS environment through planned “sprints", with regular meetings, in order to assess, from time to time, the completion of the activities and any further changes.

Martin Glaser - Head of IT POS Services - Manor AG
Manor was looking for a partner who was already familiar with the retail business in Switzerland and who would further develop the solution, both for and with the customer.
Zucchetti delivered innovative ideas on how internal processes at Manor could be simplified. As a result, both the staff and the end customers benefited from an optimised, comfortable experience at the checkouts.