Case history

Blu Hotels Spa

Innovating Hospitality with Wellness and Fun

Client: Blu Hotels Spa
Sector: Hospitality
Turnover: 62,4 millions

Client Profile

Blu Hotels is an Italian hotel chain, for over 25 years an authoritative player in the leisure sector of our country. 31 structures carry the Blu Hotels brand and have been synonymous with quality and prestige since 1993. The offer, which includes villages and hotels, has the common goal of attention to guest services and high service
professionalism. Blu Hotels hotels and villages reflect the ideal settings to enjoy your holiday in wonderful surroundings, located in the best destinations in Italy.

Leonardo PMS
Hotel Management
Booking Expert

The Blu Hotels chain needed a new flexible IT solution, able to dynamically support its promotional system, managing the Packages/Treatments designed for its customers.The implementation led to supporting the communication flows of the Leonardo PMS system that updates the TCPOS Front End for management of the Group's restaurants and outlets. In real time, sales are deposited on the Datacenter, the interfaces implemented guarantee transfer of the "In-Room Accounts" of individual consumptions and updates of the Closing Fiscal data,to populate the accounting files. Moreover, as far as the Booking Engine is concerned, Blu Hotels needed a flexible and customizable solution that could adapt to the different structures of the chain that includes both hotels and villages.

TCPOS was chosen for the benefits provided by the centralized solution compared to the competing system. "At comparable prices, Zucchetti was able to offer Blu Hotels a scalable system, supported by a single datacenter located at the provider chosen by Blu Hotels and for integration with Leonardo PMS, the Zucchetti group hotel and hotel chain management system. The interface can recognize the customer, activate the packages and treatments dedicated to them and dispatch individual requests to the different hotels in real time, providing immediate marketing and sales support, in order to significantly increase turnover through targeted promotions directed to each customer type (Guests, Passers by, etc..) who frequent our facilities. In the same way, after recognizing the customer, the Palm Tops and Cash Terminals with TCPOS manage every single sales phase (of services, meals or events) applying their specific Blu Hotels conditions.

Dott. Franco Genellini
IT Manager of Blu Hotels Group
Our priority was to quickly find an innovative, complete and profitable solution to replace the Blu Hotels technological infrastructure -explained Genellini - It was decided that the best way to carry out an in-depth evaluation of potential IT suppliers would be a pilot project. At the end of an initial evaluation, we selected TCPOS, one of the best solutions on the international market. We therefore decided to start by implementing the pilot in four Blu Hotels properties and then implement the centralized TCPOS solution, further expanding the benefits. Our PMS solution was also updated with Leonardo and Booking Expert as the Group's booking engine, in order to integrate and exploit the synergies of the various Zucchetti solutions.