Case history

Jova Gym Mojacar

Digital Transformation in the Fitness Industry with Zucchetti

Client: Jova Gym Mojacar
Field: Fitness Center & Wellness Club
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Client Profile

Jova Gym is not only a gym. In fact, it is the only fitness centre in Mojácar, Spain, offering personal training, wellness services and a SPA.

Managed by Javier Orta Valdemoros, the fitness centre is modern and popular among young people, especially in the summer, since it’s beautifully located in the touristic Mojácar coast in Almería.

The 500 square-meter facility is made up of 4 areas, boasting the latest technologies: a fitness area with a great variety of innovative machines, various rooms for group activities, a Spinning studio with 20 bikes and a SPA for post-exercise relaxation.

A recent addition to its range of services, Jova Gym OCR is the new outdoor-training area.

The reason behind the search for a new software was the need of a more user-friendly and flexible tool that could allow staff to carry out their daily activities anywhere anytime.

Two key aspects for the realization of the project were the transition towards a system without losing customer records (such as purchases and active subscriptions) and hardly any replacement of the existing hardware.

When it came to sales, there were two aspects to consider: front-desk and digital sales. The management of complex combinations of services and memberships alongside with efficient sale and payment procedures were fundamental. Equally important was the digitalization of the technological infrastructure for the management of the fitness centre and the E-Commerce.

Sportrick is a cloud software that helped Javier work from home during the Covid pandemic. When the fitness center reopened, Javier was able to efficiently manage an outdoor training space together with the gym: with Sportrick he created user profiles for the gym and the outdoor space, he started managing bookings for both areas and installed a secure access-control system.
With the migration of data, Jova Gym carried on with the daily activity without interruptions. The configuration of access rights offered customised functionalities for managers and employees. In terms of access control, he was able to keep the turnstile and access tags, whilst the installation of an Axess TMC reader mad it possible to integrate a cloud access control with the software, securely managing the in- and outflow of clients

Javier Orta Valdemoros, CEO and Owner JOVA GYM MOJÁCAR

In comparison with other solutions, we chose SPORTRICK as it corresponds perfectly to our personnel-management and digitalization needs.

Moreover, SPORTRICK is part of a solid technological partner like ZUCCHETTI GROUP, who offered us the reliability and professionality needed when changing the software.

Also, the full integration between ZUCCHETTI access-control hardware and SPORTRICK’s software, allows us to efficiently control the access into our club and to establish an optimal control over our commercial policy with customers.

JOVA GYM MOJÁCAR identifies SPORTRICK as a strong technological partner able to meet the management needs of fitness clubs.

In addition, SPORTRICK constantly develops new features to better address the continuous market challenges and to adapt to changing customers’ needs, especially in this delicate moment.