Case history

Boggi Milano

Endless style, elegance and quality, using Zucchetti Personnel Management

CLIENT: Boggi Milano
SECTOR: Clothing

Client Profile

Boggi Milano has been planning and designing modern male fashion since 1939, taking care of every aspect, from production to distribution, in order to offer and spread its own style and quality around the world.

With its constant worldwide expansion, Boggi Milano is the expression of Italian excellence aimed at the modern, contemporary, cosmopolitan businessman.

The company has more than 180 stores located in 35 countries around the world. Boggi Milano is a brand that can reach across the market, while still being itself, authentic, timeless and, most importantly, able to define the concept of elegance based on the various types of customers.



Boggi Milano has always been a fashion company, but also a people company: in fact, its employees are true testimonials of the company’s values and DNA. For its 1,200 employees, distributed worldwide, Boggi Milano was looking for a software solution that could optimally manage the entire employee life process, both in store and in the offices that provide the stores with all services. 

In particular, it required efficient solutions for staff recruitment, payroll and attendance management, but also an analytical cost calculation system.

In Germany, a country that welcomes Italian fashion and style, but which is relatively complicated due to its regional legislation, it was necessary to optimize attendances compared to sales and above all, observance of the taxation system.  The main need was to determine both targeted time cycles and shift patterns in the stores and to have precise performance data, in order to be able to send them to the local payroll provider. 

In Switzerland, where payslip production takes place internally for the company’s almost 200 employees, the requirement was to manage the employee’s entire life cycle, and to have a full, user-friendly application interface, to run and streamline the internal communication processes.

Thanks to brand development, which has enjoyed exponential growth over the years, there are currently over 180 active stores and another 33 are about to be opened.

Zucchetti software have drastically transformed personnel management and all company HR processes: from shift forecasting and store activity planning, to store and office attendance monitoring, with importation of all staff data, final calculations and cost management.

For shift forecasting, resource planning and workloads, the budgeting and forecasting applications are essential for Boggi Milano, and to be able to know annual human resource costs for each region in detail.  Thanks to Zucchetti Time and Attendance Project, it is always possible to enter ideal shift planning for a store, for both sales and customer flows in the space of one day. Attendance monitoring has also been developed for the purpose of sales management and quality: the application interface makes communication of all attendance data from the company to the local payroll provider simple and immediate, in all countries where Boggi Milano is a reality, thus optimizing data management and removing any unwanted errors and repetitions.

The HR Portal has also been adopted for the Italian premises. This is a space dedicated to employees, meaning the company no longer has to send any paper documents and workers can access all documents available in their personal area via smartphone.

Paolo Selva  - Corporate CEO at Boggi Milano

‘’In the comparison with other important vendors, we chose the Zucchetti HR suite as it corresponds perfectly to our personnel management needs. Moreover, Zucchetti is a solid technological partner, that allows us to manage all our HR needs in all our stores around the world in a prompt manner.

To be able to set targeted time and shift cycles for our employees and have perfect outputs has literally changed our life. Also, full integration between Zucchetti software and management of our logistics warehouse, offices, traveling staff, even in different time zones, allows us to permanently and efficiently have all company processes under control. Zucchetti HR Infinity gives us that extra power, to be able to do work that previously took up a lot of time in a rapid, precise manner. 

Boggi Milano identified Zucchetti as an international partner of excellence, one that can respond to the complications of a wide-ranging, complex, multi-lingual and multi-country management of human resources. Each day, we can count on innovative IT tools and manage our complex network, able to address the continuous market challenges.”