Case history

Randazzo GmbH

Gusto Italia and Zucchetti: when authentic Italian food meets Made in Italy technology

Client: Randazzo GmbH
Sector: Retail – gastronomy

Client Profile

The family-run company Randazzo GmbH, the owner of the Gusto Italia brand, took on the challenge of bringing Italian quality and taste to Germany. Their decades of experience in the wholesale sector of Italian food in Germany, plus their market-specific retail knowledge in Italy helps Randazzo GmbH in their goal of becoming one of the leading high-end Italian food retailers in Germany. Here, customers can find typical grissini, pasta, salumi, cheese, coffee and much more sourced directly from Italy.

The core of their business philosophy is the passion for authentic and high-quality ingredients from Italy and their desire to maintain direct communication with customers. At Randazzo, your shopping experience will be just like taking a short trip to Italy!

Randazzo needed a straightforward, strong ERP and POS system, that could support the Managing Director in making his operative workload easier, allowing him to focus on his strategic leadership, as well as the expansion of the company. Moreover, the ERP had to be able to efficiently streamline processes and make logistics and inventory easy to manage. In addition to this, a complete POS was required for better management of sales and promotions, thus ensuring a smooth and pleasant customer experience. The previous system was a 100% manually operated system, with no capacity for any automation, making it difficult to keep up with the business’ growth.

After conclusive research, Randazzo chose Zucchetti, which complied with all of their requirements for an ERP and POS system, both in terms of innovative solutions and previous experiences with big customers in the same industry.

TCPOS POS System was the solution which Randazzo GmbH was first interested in. During the initial project discussions with Zucchetti it quickly became apparent that the implementation of a flexible ERP system would be the best option. It was mutually agreed upon during the Business Process analyses that the ERP implementation should come before the POS system implementation.

The ERP system was needed in order to display and automate processes more easily. Zucchetti was able to meet these requirements thanks to its Mago ERP solution. With its wide variety of modules, such as those for sales & purchases and financials & accounting, together with its high flexibility and customization possibilities, Mago ERP enabled Randazzo to streamline processes by automating tasks that, until then, were performed manually. The innovative aspect of the project was uniting the two divisions (retail and wholesale) in order to create some kind of novel food store and to use it as a USP to provide future customers with an added value.

After that, the TCPOS POS system has been adopted by Randazzo. Its flexibility and the multiple features available, together with its intuitive and user-friendly interface, made it easy for both the management and the employees to keep track of store sales and clients’ data. Overall, the two fully integrated products, Mago ERP and TCPOS POS turned out to be the most fitting solutions for Randazzo, greatly improving the business.

In addition to the great satisfaction with Zucchetti’s solutions, the customer also shared a few similarities with Zucchetti that made the collaboration effective and ‘friendly’. Randazzo and Zucchetti, in fact, have the same attitude and understanding towards customers and partners, besides being both family businesses with roots in Italy.

Marco Randazzo – Managing Director at Randazzo GmbH

“Before working with Zucchetti, I saw myself as some kind of a puppeteer, always taking care of the strings and always having to lend a hand myself – in everything. That meant, I had to focus most of my energy on the operative business and my role as a strategic leader of the company had to suffer a little because of that. The way Zucchetti worked and cooperated was especially valuable – all communication was friendly and very personal. I always felt well looked after and advised which is something that is of great importance to me, especially in my work. I could see that for Zucchetti, this project was not just about generating sales and turnover. All my contacts at Zucchetti have always been by my side as my friendly advisors and were always ready to respond to my needs as a customer. It is not a typical customer-supplier relationship, as it has been a partnership right from the beginning. The extraordinary thing about Zucchetti is that I can get an “all-round-solution” or a 360° solution from a single supplier: at first, I was looking for a POS system, then I found an ERP system as well and soon we will be implementing Zucchetti’s eCommerce solution KonaKart. I can rely on one point of contact for literally everything.”   

Nico Karges - Manager Sales & Business Development at Zucchetti Germany GmbH

“The project with Randazzo was the first project with a customer in Germany where we implemented our complete integration between the ERP and the POS. Our iCore POS Vision to fully advise and serve our customers with our solutions has played out perfectly during the collaboration with Marco Randazzo. Step by step we introduced the solutions in the project and helped Randazzo as a partner, not only a customer, to improve his processes so he could provide an optimized customer and shopping experience for his clients.”