Case history

Edeka Fuchs

Food retail becomes smart with Zucchetti’s solutions

Client Profile

The EDEKA group, founded more than 110 years ago, is the holding of the EDEKA brand and one of the leading food retailers in Germany. EDEKA is a local supplier and regional wholesaler, producer of fresh bakery and meat products as well as numerous own brands and a strong partner for producers in the region.

With the sub company Netto Marken-Discount, the company is also setting successful accents in the discount business and thus rounding off the wide range of services offered by the group of companies. With 3,700 self-employed merchants, more than 11,308 stores and around 376,000 employees, the EDEKA Group generated sales of 53.6 billion euros in 2018.

Edeka Fuchs needed a software to simplify personnel work shift management, by automatically generating the shift planning. In addition, Edeka was looking for an effective support to keep track of absences & presences and to easy manage its workforce. At the same time, the customer was thinking of adopting a mobile solution that would further simplify employees’ tasks and improve communication inside the company.

Edeka Fuchs chose Zucchetti’s solutions to simplify the management of its 45 employees and improve internal processes, in its store in Rehlingen-Siersburg. All solutions were web-based, making it easy for the entire staff, from employees to HR department and the owner, to access the software solutions from anywhere and at any time.

The first software to be implemented was the HR Portal, a self-service platform where the all other Zucchetti’s applications were available to be used.

The Time & Attendance software was in fact deployed to keep track of staff’s presences and absences, no of hours worked and overtime.

Moreover, the Infinity ZScheduling workforce scheduling and shift planning software was in fact able to solve issues such as understaffed or overstaffed departments, making sure that Edeka Fuchs store could always deliver the best service to its clients.

To further digitalize the management of its workforce, Edeka Fuchs adopted the ZScheduling App, so that employees could view their shifts, see which colleagues are in their same shifts and request a shift change from their mobile device. 

Maurice Fuchs - owner of EDEKA Fuchs

"Although we looked at two other suppliers, the decision was made in favor of Zucchetti Germany. Especially the extremely modern and user-friendly design convinced us beside the complete individualization of the software. Other personal software seemed rather outdated".