Case history

Client Profile

Vodafone Germany is one of the largest and most modern telecommunications providers in Europe. Its modern service concept extends into the Café Ferdinand, which is operated by the caterer Aramark. Guests can experience the touch of innovation at each table: 20 stylish Sony Xperia tablets are currently available at the seats and invite guests to try and use them for free internet access. All tablets are equipped with a digital menu, which can be used to select and order coffee and other items.

Vodafone and Aramark needed a user-friendly ordering and payment system that simplified processes and improved the customer experience. An innovative payment system was required, that was able to show customers new possibilities, to present products that are not available anywhere and to allow waiters to save time. 

Zucchetti developed the software for online orders and realized the design of the interface in the style of Café Ferdinand, where 20 places have been equipped with tablet PCs. Here, guests can order from easy-to-use menus with multi-touch interface: when selecting the specific icon, an application completely designed in the style of Café Ferdinand opens, clearly showing a variety of items. 

The enabling technology for the mobile solution is Zucchetti’s modern point of sale software DroidPOS provided by TCPOS, a complete online and offline sales solution based on the operating system Android, running on all major tablet platforms, that enables its software to run also on tablet PCs and smartphones and not only on traditional cash registers.  After consumption, guests pay the waitress with either cash or credit card using a mobile credit card terminal. 

After an initial training, staff members are now familiar with the system. The tablet solution simplifies processes and saves time, because the waiter does not have to walk to the table to pick up the order. The proven co-operation between Vodafone and Aramark and Zucchetti was absolutely positive and in future further innovations such as payment via Mobile Wallet will be implemented.


Stephan May from the Organization Department of Aramark
"The idea is to offer customers a unique experience that goes beyond the normal shop and the usual style of a coffee shop. We are excited by the opportunity to make the coffee shop more attractive, by displaying modern devices from Vodafone. From the beginning, it was clear that the solution was supposed to be deployed with a modern POS system. We realized that particularly young guests use the tablet without any hesitation and the system works very well.”