Case history


Fast payments in Vodafone Campus with Zucchetti’s POS solution

Client: Vodafone Germany
Sector: Telecommunications
No. of Employees: 11 000
Turnover: €9.6 billion

Client Profile

Vodafone Germany is one of the largest and most modern telecommunications providers in Europe.
More than 2,500 people are served daily in the restaurant on the Vodafone campus, where different meals are prepared freshly every day: from „global food“, „fresh green“ over „mypasta“, „mypizza“ up to „daily special“. In addition, guests can enjoy dishes based on recipes from star chef Nelson Müller who himself prepares dishes on several days. 120 employees of the caterer ARAMARK, including 20 chefs care for the physical well-being of the guests.

Vodafone required a fast checkout process, especially during rush hours, that does not take longer than three to four seconds. What managers at Vodafone Campus wanted, was to avoid the creation of queues at checkout, that lead to a tailback which was hard to catch up. In summer 2012 Vodafone invited several vendors to submit their bids to fulfill the requirement that payment would be made through NFC. The desired solution was an easy, intuitive and easy-to-use POS system, that allowed mobile payments via NFC.


Zucchetti and ARAMARK realized the rollout of the new infrastructure in close cooperation. The project included the installation of more than 20 POS systems in restaurants and bars, smart cards, card loaders and NFCs. Since the beginning of 2013, the new POS solution allows contactless payments via smartphones with NFC or alternatively via card with the Mifare chip, that provides several functionalities such as access and time and attendance. Employees in fact also received new ID cards with Mifare chip which integrates several applications such as access to the building, garage and time recording.

Jörg Ertel, Group Leader Catering at Vodafone
"We wanted to introduce payment by mobile phone on our campus. After a careful selection process, we chose the IT solution provider Zucchetti because it was the most innovative one to realize the project. What we see here will be everyday life in Germany in two years. The campus Dusseldorf operates as a guiding light for innovative technology, since in the future we want to deploy the system in other locations, too. “

 Stefan Strasiewsky, District Manager at ARAMARK
“The simple operation of the POS system is a great advantage. The operation of the cash register is child’s play. Staff was able to work with Zucchetti’s POS systems on their own after a short training.“