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The most innovative batteries, the most precise HR Administration with Zucchetti Time & Attendance and Access Management

Client: Exide
Field: automotive & industrial
Turnover: € 222.243.366 
No. of employees: 551
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Client Profile

Exide Technologies, which operates in more than 80 countries, is one of the main manufacturers and recyclers of lead acid batteries worldwide. The 3 global divisions - Transportation Americas, Transportation Europe and Rest of World, Industrial Energy Americas and Industrial Energy Europe and Rest of World - supply a full range of products and services in realm of electricity accumulation for applications in the Industrial and Transportation sectors.
The Transportation sector includes applications for light vehicle original equipment and for the independent spare parts market, for heavy goods vehicles, the marine and agricultural sectors, and for new technologies for hybrid vehicles and automotive applications. The Industrial markets include applications for network power, such as telecommunications systems, electrical utilities, railway equipment and UPS, traction batteries for forklift trucks, mining vehicles and other industrial vehicles.

To carry out its work, Exide Technologies has a large production site with a large incoming and outgoing flow of people and vehicles during the day. It was therefore necessary to control these flows, authorizing/limiting access of vehicles and people to the company, on certain days and at certain times of the week. Employee access to certain reserved areas inside the company also needed to be controlled, allowing access only to specifically authorized staff. The company also needed to control and manage attendance hours and process payroll for its own employees.

The system was designed so that the vehicles and people (employees, visitors, external companies) are identified and authorized to enter and leave the company. Identification and authorization of all the vehicles takes place using an automatic barrier at the entrance and one at the exit of the production sites, which has to vehicle posts. Vehicles are checked using TAGs that may be badges or labels applied to the vehicle’s windscreen. The post aerial detects the tag information and based on access credentials and authorizations, authorizes the barrier to be raised. Pedestrians are identified on a tripod turnstile placed near the reception.

Employees can register with their badge - using the attendance monitoring terminals installed in the company - only after passing through the control gates. The system shows the exact number and respective name of people inside the production site in real time to the staff in change, and in this way any evacuations required at gathering stations in the event of emergencies can be managed in total safety.

Cristina Cometti, Payroll Department Manager:

"Zucchetti software was chosen in 2005 by the HR manager of the time. From when the company decided to change over from a payroll system managed on AS400 to one on Windows, Zucchetti was favored as the software house that supplied most guarantees and could best manage the company's contractual problems."