Case history

Etnaland Park

Safe and complete management for maximum amusement with Zucchetti ERP and Hospitality Solutions

Client: Etnaland
Field: Amusement Parks
No. of employees: 500

Client Profile

Etnaland is an Italian amusement park near Belpasso in Sicily (in the province of Catania at the foot of Mount Etna). The total area of the site is 280,000 m2, of which 112,500 m2 occupied by the rides area, making it the largest amusement park in southern Italy. The park offers various leisure activities: from the strictly entertainment activities offered by the Aqua Park and the Theme Park to the didactic activities offered by the Prehistoric Park and the botanical trail. The park is extremely popular among fans and the wider public, with visitor numbers in excess of 450,000 in 2014.

  • TMaster local ticket office system
  • TMaster access control software
  • Turnstiles and barcode/RFID scanners (14 turnstiles)
  • Admission tills and ticket office printers for 17 admission tills
  • TCPOS catering and hospitality system
  • ERP application

The park management needed to automate the ticketing process, integrating it with the access control system and the admission tills for ticket printing. In addition, Etnaland wanted to install solutions to manage the checkout tills for the merchandising stores and catering points in order to centralise and streamline the process of configuration, administration and control of all payment operations.

The integrated ticket office and access control system allows access exclusively to the Theme Park and/or the Aqua Park on the basis of the time bands (daytime and night-time) configured, with the reliability and guarantee of a secure system for direct connection with the Inland Revenue service, for which Zucchetti is the guarantor. In addition, the ticket office system includes configuration and mapping of 3,000 numbered deck chairs; the deck chairs are rented to visitors and managed separately from admissions through the issue of tax receipts.

Zucchetti provides technical support services for initialisation of events (dates, charges and type), management and configuration of seasons of the entire park, and monitoring and solving of software issues and normative adaptations of the ticket office and access control system.  Zucchetti is also committed to providing support for management of the Italian authors and publishers society (Siae) cards held by the park, assisting the park during activation of the cards and for subsequent periodic inspections by Siae, monitoring the obligatory tax procedures and reporting and solving any anomalies in the electronic transmission of data to the Inland Revenue service.

Because of their high level of satisfaction with the precision of the systems and the rapidity of assistance services, Etnaland's directors have contracted another group company (Zucchetti TCPOS) to manage the catering and merchandising operating system in all tills located inside the park, and to manage the accounting system using Zucchetti ERP software.

Rosanna Russello, Etnaland administrative executive:

"It was essential for our business to have an integrated system to manage the ticketing and access control processes, especially considering the many different ticket types available for the Aqua Park and the Theme Park. Thanks to the correct operation of the system we have experienced a significant reduction in back-office activities, improved our customer services, and obtained a higher level of security for payment tills and access control activities. 
Interfacing with the Zucchetti group as a single vendor has proved to be a valuable asset in terms of assistance and costs. Thanks to the rapidity of project implementation and helpfulness in solving all the inevitable difficulties we encounter, from 2010 to the present we have continually renewed and further implemented our collaboration with the Zucchetti group".