Case history


HR Zucchetti Travel Management and Job Costing Solutions for the Leader of Facility Management

Client: Manutencoop
Field: Facility Management
No. of employees: over 18.500
Turnover: 1.072.06 million euros

Client Profile

Manutencoop Group is an Italian leader in the field of Integrated Facility Management. It manages and provides integrated services to public and private customers in the fields of real estate, the environment and healthcare. The company’s activities include management and maintenance of air conditioning systems, cleaning, landscaping, property management, public lighting and specialist services for healthcare facilities.

Manutencoop considers it fundamental to control labour costs and to correctly evaluate the performance of the activities assigned to personnel, in the context of continual improvement of the services provided to customers and transparency of information. The services are normally provided at the customer’s premises (hospitals, schools, offices, etc.) Evaluation of the activities is very expensive and time-consuming due to an excessive use of paper documents and possible management errors along the entire process.

Manutencoop’s need was met with the delivery of the HR Zucchetti suite designed specifically for the vertical structure of the Facility Management industry: planning and control of activities, administration and organisation of personnel. The Zucchetti solution relies heavily on the use of mobility tools, in particular tablets and smartphones, for the collection and constant control of data at the job sites.

Antonella Sangiorgi, ICT Manager of the Group

"We have chosen Zucchetti as our partner because we recognise the quality and scalability of the systems proposed and their ability to continually innovate and improve their products.  The Zucchetti team has supported us in developing a system that effectively meets our requirements for internal personnel control.
Today we can say that the solutions adopted allow us to monitor work times and costs promptly and accurately."