Case history


HR Management in Software as a Service

Client: QVC
Field: Private broadcasting companies 
No. of employees: over 500
Turnover: over 25 million euros
Web site:

Client Profile

QVC is the second largest American television channel, with a turnover of around 8.5 billion dollars. QVC proposes a new way of tv shopping, entering users’ houses like a personal shopper. The company was founded in 1986 by Joseph Segel, a businessman who has foreseen the potential success of a new retail channel for selling products based on the following three principles: Quality, Value, Convenience. QVC operates in USA, England, Germany, Japan and, as of 1st October 2010, also in Italy as a global multimedia retailer with more than 11.5 million customers and 17,000 employees worldwide, exceeding in size the majority of the traditional retailers.

  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance SaaS  
  • Workflow Time & Attendance SaaS
  • Workforce Management SaaS
  • Staff Budget SaaS

People represent the most important resource in QVC, which pays special attention to the search of service suppliers for their management and assessment, based on rigorous reliability and quality criteria.
Given the particularity of the Italian legislation in the payroll and contributions field, QVC's requirement in the initial opening phase of the Italian headquarters was that of delegating the processing of payslips and all the obligations provided by the legislation to a payroll service, since it was not yet organised to manage them directly.

Among the various solutions analysed, QVC has considered Zucchetti HR Global Solution suite, the best answer to its requirements. If, in fact, on the one hand, the suite has allowed the customer maximum freedom and flexibility in terms of use of the solutions, on the other hand, it has allowed QVC to make use of state-of-the-art solutions and applications and in line with the requirements of a modern, dynamic company and of international approach.

Fully web-based and with a unique database, Zucchetti HR suite has allowed the customer to use the payroll outsourcing service in the initial phase of the internal organisation and subsequently, to bring back the administrative management of the staff within the company, using the same applications in Software as a Service mode, continuing to benefit from the regulatory, contributory and tax consultancy services granted by Zucchetti experts.

Cinzia Cagnan, Payroll Manager:

"Using Zucchetti HR suite for managing staff allowed QVC Italy to obtain the following advantages:

  • aligning the databases used for assigning the shifts to the employees, also taking into consideration the foreseen or ongoing absences (holiday, illness, etc.)
  • determining the work rules in line with the company rules and policies, ensuring their correct application; 
  • performing history analysis on the assignment of shifts, by checking the “adherence” level from the planning to the actual needs, improving the peak management and reducing the “overstaffing” cases;
  • assigning shifts with characteristics aligned from time to time to the achievement of various objectives (short/long shifts, gaps, replacements, etc.)"