Case history


Excellence and tradition meet HR Department efficiency with Access Management and T&A Solutions

Client: Moreschi Spa
Field: leather and footwear
Turnover: 32 million €
No. of employees: 400
Web site:

Client Profile

Moreschi Shoe Factory was created in 1946 as a family handicraft business and developed together with the industrial district of Vigevano. Currently Moreschi Group is a company of 450 employees, has a production of approximately 300.000 pairs of shoes and 50.000 leather items a year produced until recently, in 3 different production factories, all in Vigevano.

The new Moreschi production centre of 68.000 sm., 19.000 sm. indoors and 20.000 sm. of green area, represents one of the biggest Italian production centres for luxury footwear. Its innovative structure provides, besides system and service spaces, large parking lots, a factory outlet and a nursery.

In 1993 Moreschi S.p.A. decides to elaborate internally the payslips of its own employees and associates.
The company in which it had externalized the activity took too much time and had very high costs to provide the information that Moreschi S.p.A. needed periodically. Moreschi S.p.A. pays particular attention to process efficiency and resource optimization and this consequently led to the necessity of creating an automated working place for personnel management and, by integrating software and hardware solutions, for time and attendance and access control management.  

The collaboration between Moreschi and Zucchetti begins in 1993 with the supply of payroll software that, due to its many automatisms, allows the client to save time and avoid error related risks. Regarding this matter, it is very important to point out the possibility to generate completely automatically the personnel costs account books thus registered directly in accounting, as well as all the advantages deriving from the automatic perfect integration of the payment management solution with software and hardware applications, of time and attendance and access control.

Referring to this last matter, in 2005 21 terminals have been installed at various access points (turnstiles for personal entrance, company parking barriers etc.) and in different areas (locker rooms, production areas etc.) in Moreschi company.

Francesco Moreschi, Moreschi Spa Manager:

"We viewed various solutions for payroll elaboration from different software companies. Zucchetti represented the best choice because its solution is intuitive, flexible and offers the best guarantee in terms of assistance. Our expectations were entirely confirmed: besides the rapid solution update, in case of welfare and fiscal modifications that allow us to be always compliant with the institutions, we can always count on the efficient and well-trained personnel support to solve any problem. When we had to implement a system to monitor accesses in the new production center, the choice couldn't have been any other than Zucchetti, which has always proved to be a serious and competent Partner."