Case history


A full system for HR Adminsitration and the perfect fit for a no stress hosiery

Client: Pompea SpA
Field: textile
Turnover: 75 million € 
No. employees: 1.200 in Italy and abroad
Web site:

Client Profile

Pompea was founded in 1996 in Medole, in the province of Mantua, on the initiative of its founder Adriano Rodella who, made it a successful, important business in the Italian and international markets in a relative short period of time, thanks to his experience accrued in years of working in the hosiery and lingeries sector and an extraordinary capacity for innovation.

The company soon became a leader in the women’s lingerie market, second in the hosiery market, third in men’s socks, and in the top five companies in the beachwear sector. The company’s success is due to a huge range of products that boasts an undoubted quality price ratio and continuous innovation, especially in  “seamless” technology. This led to the “No stress” payoff, launched in 2000 during an advertising campaign and which since been inextricably linked to a brand that is a synonym of comfort and wellbeing.

Technology, style research and a use of threads that are both traditional and state of the art allow Pompea to respond to men’s women’s and children’s daily needs. The progressive opening of new markets and the acquisition of prestigious national and international brands - such as Roberta and Mimi– took Pompea to positions of leadership in its sector, combining Italian identity and world vocation.

To “make the impossible possible” and to satisfy its customers’ needs, Pompea pays great attention to innovation, not just in developing its own products but also in choosing its suppliers and partners. This is why the Mantua company has worked with the Zucchetti Group for years, which was chosen to implement a full system for HR administration (from access and attendance data monitoring to payroll processing), in order to automate activities, saving time and money. Pompea has thus resolved some of its main needs. The growth in size and production with new factories and offices, then brought about the needs for software solutions that would streamline headquarters’ activities, delegating part of the activities to peripheral branches.

Pompea initially installed the software and hardware system (with proximity technology) for employee attendance monitoring and then subsequently installed the access control system at the company entrances and a payroll management solution. In this way, the company solved some fundamental needs, such as shift management (continuous cycle, weekly cycle, etc), the various types of contract used in the company (e.g. Part time) and the time bank, but also report creation, prior calculation of employee costs and the possibility of automatically exporting cost data to accounting systems.

The subsequent changeover from client server software to web-based solutions allows the company to access all the applications from a single HR portal and to use a single database, that allows data to be entered only once, avoiding redundancies and wasting of time. Managers in the various branches and production sites manage staff attendance and work shift autonomously, sharing management with headquarters in real time, which automatically receives the data for payroll procedures. Payslips are available in the HR portal, as are company communications and documents, which drastically reduces the use of paper.

Roberta Bonora, Human Resource Manager:

"We chose Zucchetti due to reliability in operational management of HR. Its solutions seemed to be the most complete, flexible ones that are able to answer all our needs. Zucchetti has always offered technologically advanced tools that are also simple, efficient and constantly evolving."