Case history

Poltrona Frau

HR Zucchetti: style and a unique design for Human Resources Management

Client: Poltrona Frau Group
Field: furniture
No. of employees: over 1.000
Turnover: 247 million €

Client Profile

Poltrona Frau Group operates in the high-end furniture sector and is active on the international market with three significant brands: Poltrona Frau (having a history of over 100 years), Cassina and Cappellini.Starting with the half of November 2006, the parent company, Poltrona Frau S.p.A., is publicly traded on the Telematic Stock Exchange of the Italian Stock Exchange, STAR segment. There are three business lines: Residential, Contract (large achievements in auditoriums and theatres) and Interiors in motion (car and train interiors).

Poltrona Frau Group had to simplify and standardize the employee administration and management processes in order to make them more efficient and cost-effective.
Therefore, the Group was searching for Time & Attendance and payroll processing solutions in order to avoid time losses and eliminate the risk of mistakes arising from manual data entry. Another need was to support the activities of the Management both by analysing data related to turnover rates, compensations, absenteeism, etc. and by defining the budget dedicated to human resources.

The project developed for Poltrona Frau Group relies upon Zucchetti HR, the suite for the complete management of all aspects related to human resources, composed of solutions developed with web technology that share a unique Master Data base.
In order to meet the administrative requirements, time and attendance management and payroll processing applications have been installed, and connected between them, allow the direct transmission of attendance data eliminating the risks related to the manual upload. At a later stage, the employee budget management software was launched allowing the Management to deploy sophisticated budgeting and monitoring analyses of various components of labour costs (new projects, increase of orders, integration of new employees, etc.).

Roberto Boselli, CIO

"Since 2008, we have undertaken a path to harmonize and simplify the management platforms and systems used by various companies within the Group. Among the involved processes, the HR ones were found. Today, we can say that we have a unique time and attendance management and human resources management system with significant savings in terms of process management and system maintenance."