Case history


Zucchetti Access Control and Time & Attendance systems for Toyota turnkey security

Client: Toyota Motor Italia Spa
Field: automotive
No. of employees: approx. 250 in Italy (over 32.000 worldwide)
Turnover: 1.5 billion € in Italy (149 billion € worldwide)
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Client Profile

Toyota Motor Corporation was established in 1937 as a ramification of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, an important Japanese textile industry.  Today, there are 15 active plants only in Japan, and another 43 production centres in 26 countries around the world. Four of them are in Europe: one in Germany, one in Portugal, one in England and the fourth one in France. Due to all these plants, Toyota, a worldwide leader in the automotive field, produces more than 9 million cars a year.

The head office of TOYOTA MOTOR ITALIA SPA is visited by a great number of people, besides its employees. Moreover, within the same head office, there are access areas limited to certain specific job profiles, for security and privacy reasons. This situation created the need to regulate entrances and limit the visits of certain areas by setting up access profiles and precise schedule models: everything was done in the most practical, modern and efficient way.

At the same time, in order to improve both the access control management and the time and attendance management, TOYOTA MOTOR ITALIA SPA needed an information system that would allow a faster and more efficient HR management.

TOYOTA MOTOR ITALIA SPA has found in Zucchetti solutions the most innovative and efficient tools on the market, thanks to the perfect integration of software solutions with hardware tools for time & attendance.

The introduction of Access Control Management Web, linked to Zucchetti access control terminals, has allowed to efficiently monitor the access of employees, visitors and vehicles within the company’s premises, through doors, gateways, bars or turnstiles.

Sabrina Caputi, HR Development Manager

"Our company has always shown great care and attention in providing exclusive products and services to its clients in terms of technology, reliability and quality. This continuous search for efficiency clearly concerns the suppliers as well, whose deliveries must meet high quality and quantity standards. Zucchetti has always acted in accordance with these requirements, constantly proving its reliability and efficiency."