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Client: Markas Srl
Field: facility management
No. of employees: 4350
Turnover: about 110 millions € (2008)
Web site:

Client Profile

Markas Service, specialized in planning and supplying complementary integrated services, offers a wide range of services addressed both to the public sector (hospitals, retirement homes, universities, public administration) and to the private one. In particular, Markas Service offers cleaning, sanitation and real estate maintenance services, auxiliary services intended also for elderly people, canteen management, school and collective catering. Founded in 1985 in Bolzano, Alto Adige, Markas Service develops its activity mainly in the regions of northern Italy, such as Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria.



For Markas Service the clients’ satisfaction is an absolute priority. In order to ensure high quality standards, Markas Service focuses especially on searching highly qualified employees and partners.
Therefore, Markas Service has decided to rely on Zucchetti, a strong and steady partner with integrated solutions for personnel and company process management, able to efficiently meet the company’s specific requirements. In fact, Markas Service needed to collect attendance data and evaluate its employees’ service quality at the clients’ premises.

Thanks to Zucchetti integrated solutions, Markas Service has managed to collect automatically all employees’ attendance data. In fact, with the Time & Attendance Management Web solution, over 60 time & attendance terminals and XPocket (Pocket reader for Mobile Data Collection), Markas Service has improved the time & attendance process performance both of the personnel working in the office and for the one at the clients’ premises.

Markas Service has also succeeded in facilitating the communication between Human Resources Department and employees, thanks to Workflow Presence and Vacation Plan.

Roberto Giordano, Personnel Administration Department 

"We needed to find a reliable and innovative partner whose solutions could ease the collection and the management of personnel data, which is essential for the company’s development. Therefore, in 2002 we have chosen Zucchetti as technological partner, and we have undertaken a profitable professional path. As a matter of fact, together we have built a strong partnership which along the years has led to implementing new solutions and innovative projects, especially created to meet our specific requirements."