Case history


With Zucchetti, Denso puts HR Management in motion with Payroll and Time & Attendance solutions

Client: Denso Manufacturing Italia SpA
Field: industry
No. of employees: 997
Turnover: 250 millions €
Web site:

Client Profile

DENSO Group, a multinational Japanese company founded in 1949, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of parts for the automotive industry. DENSO’s range of clients actually includes all the major international car brands. In order to quickly and efficiently meet their clients’ requirements, DENSO has production plants and sales departments spread all over the world.

DENSO Group is present in 13 European countries, including Italy. DENSO Manufacturing Italia S.p.A. has been present in San Salvo (CH) since 1999, where DENSO Group has taken over the activities previously deployed by Magneti Marelli. The plant produces alternators, starters and small electric motors for windscreen wipers, rear wipers and motor cooling systems, as well as air-conditioning equipments. Every year, DENSO Group invests approximately 18% of its turnover in Research and Development, delivering state-of-the-art solutions, while respecting the environment.



DENSO Manufacturing Italia S.p.A. has decided to autonomously manage time and attendance and the processing of employees’ compensations, previously entrusted to an external company, with the purpose of reducing costs and having full control over personnel data.
At the same time, the company wished to be able to reorganize the entire personnel management information system, in order to obtain a higher level of efficiency and precise control over employees, activities and their related costs. Moreover, DENSO wished to improve the communication with employees operating inside the plant, granting the possibility to send and receive information by means of computer workstations close to the production lines or through personal computers, thus eliminating the use of paper documents and time loss for the HR Department.

The requirement to upgrade and improve the efficiency of the communication flow between the Human Resources Department and all the managers and employees has been achieved with HR Workflow. Each employee now submits directly any justification (delays, illness, authorizations, vacation), which, if approved by their managers and the personnel administration, are automatically received by the time and attendance management application.

Operating in web mode (Internet/Intranet), the application has allowed a more active and effective involvement of various company responsibles in charge with human resources – personnel department, managers, employees – ensuring higher efficiency of the company processes, accuracy when accessing data and reduction of management costs.

Marco Mari, Human Resources Manager:

“After an accurate analysis of our requirements and a comparison of various solutions present on the market and a detailed activity planning, due to Zucchetti’s high quality standards and the availability and professionalism of Informatica srl operators, in a few months, we have succeeded in implementing all the suite applications. Through decentralization of the activities by means of Workflow and HR Totem terminals, we have achieved a considerable reduction of time for processing, approval, transmission and registration of the information on paper documents, now almost entirely eliminated, obtaining a cost reduction and an increase of productivity by over 40%."