Case history

Parliamentary Assembly

The Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina relies on Zucchetti Axess security solutions

Client: Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Field: Parliamentary building
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Client Profile

The Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established by the Constitution.This highest-level legislative body of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two Houses: the House of Representatives and the House of Peoples. The Parliamentary Assembly enacts laws, approves the budget, and makes decisions on the sources and the amount of revenue needed for financing the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its international obligations. The Houses of the Parliamentary Assembly perform legislative, informative and oversight activities and regulate internal structure and their own modus operandi. The seat of the Parliamentary Assembly is located in Sarajevo.


  • BASYS TIME modules: Administration, Time and Attendance, Access Control and Visitor Management Software integrated to video surveillance, HID iClass badges and fingerprint technology.


  • SuperTRAX terminals with integrated optical fingerprint and HID iClass readers mounted on elegant supports. The terminals register the entry and exit and activate the automatic door opening for access control;
  • Axis cameras (by Swedish producer) mounted next to each controlled input-output;
  • SuperMax+ controller with HID iClass cards reader to control entry for special purposes;
  • HID Fargo HDP5000 dual side retransfer ID card printer;
  • RFID2 desktop reader to initialize the HID iClass cards;
  • iClass cards and accessories to carry the card (straps, handles, etc...);
  • Crescendo C700 cards that are used in physical access control (BASYS Time) for logical access control
The client required a series of tools:

  • Multi technology identification (HID iClass, fingerprint, HID Crescendo, barcode), visual control of clocking;
  • Access control, time and attendance, ID card (badge) management and visitor management with common, web based interface;
  • Elegant and reliable hardware.
The access control system of Parliamentary Assembly is actually used by more than 1000 employees.
Every badge is customized for Time and Attendance tracking, for deputies and library members’ access control. When users clock IN or OUT, pictures are taken and linked to a record in the database.

EXOR d.o.o presented a solution based on its own software and Zucchetti Axess hardware which fulfilled all the requirements of Parliamentary Assembly: multi technology identification (HID iClass, fingerprint, barcode, Crescendo), visual control of clocking, access control, time and attendance and visitor management with common, web based interface. Elegant design, recent technology (touch screen, PoE, possibility to use more reading technologies – iClass and/or fingerprint, possibility to trigger external functionality – taking pictures from IP camera) and SuperTrax functional completeness as well as nice floor pedestals also contributed to win this project.