Your Self-contained and Customizable Web Solution

MagoWeb is an ERP management software accessible via web using a browser on a local network or the internet, providing security, reliability and the ability to operate in any business environment. Based on an innovative technology and designed to support companies in the Industry 4.0 arena, MagoWeb is designed to add value and exploit the full potential of your business by turning new technologies into opportunities.

MagoWeb is intended for SMEs in search of an intelligent, lightweight ERP solution that can be scaled as the business grows.

MagoWeb is:
  • Flexible: advanced technology, cloud logic

  • Custom built: easy and fast customization

  • Always up to date: ongoing investment in R&D

  • Agile: specially designed for the go-live

  • Easy to use: modern and easy interface

  • Complete: it has integrated solutions and is open to third party software

To ensure limitless access, the MagoWeb layout adapts automatically to the form factor of the device you are using (different resolutions, tablets, smartphones). With responsive web design and the versatility of MagoWeb, you're sure to be productive anytime, anywhere, with any device.

MagoWeb is an on-premises solution, with two different purchase models:


  • On premises
  • Data center/ cloud
  • License + maintenance fee
  • SAAS (Software as a Service)
With MagoWeb you effectively manage all aspects of your business, and you always have a solution tailored to every need at your fingertips.

MagoWeb, inspired by MagoCloud, is designed to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of Your company’s processes, while maintaining the right flexibility to adapt easily to any market sector (production, sale or services).

Cut down on errors and management costs by integrating all business information into a single system.

MagoWeb is intrinsically open to integrations and custom solutions, achievable through the development platform and the MagoWeb Suite framework infrastructure, or third-party applications. Equip your business with tools tailored to suit your needs!

Powerful development tools will mould MagoWeb around your business, creating vertical solutions integrated with MagoWeb, and even full stand-alone solutions. For those seeking even greater performance, discover the MagoWeb suite designed to meet all your operational, development and business needs.

MagoWeb caters to all SMEs, of any size, in any market sector. MagoWeb also adapts its delivery method to your needs, and is capable of evolving with the growth of your business.

MagoWeb natively includes connections with Zucchetti solutions to offer you everything your company needs to operate at its best: Digital Hub for Electronic Invoicing and digital communications, Anticipay for credit control, solutions for accountants, financial statements and notes, payroll solutions, GDPR, POS solutions, ...

This is MagoWeb’s supporting infrastructure, which also serves as an independent environment.
TBF represents an application base that can be managed independently and is available on client/server and/or cloud platforms, on which vertical solutions, add-ons and embedded and stand-alone cross products can be developed.

Creates customized solutions implemented in any programming language, by allowing you to interface with MagoWeb via REST APP.

The OpenPOS, OpenECommerce, OpenMES, and other modules integrate the external solutions necessary to cover your business.


  • Reporting Studio: reporting system shipped with its own development tool, intuitive and complete. Reports are 100% parametrizable, can be sent by email or stored automatically, and can include links to other reports, MagoWeb documents, Google Maps and Skype; the data can be exported in various formats.
  • MyMago Studio: intuitively manages graphical and functional customisation of an existing management document and creates templates from scratch. MyMago Studio can create any kind of object, from text fields to checkboxes, combo-boxes and body-edits.

  • TaskBuilder Cloud: the development environment shared with MagoCloud, which provides the collection of classes and components underlying the definition of documents, entities and processes, with which to create new features and integrate existing ones.

With MagoWeb you effectively manage all aspects of your business, and you always have a solution tailored to every need at your fingertips. MagoWeb, inspired by MagoCloud, is designed to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of Your company’s processes, while maintaining the right flexibility to adapt easily to any market sector (production, sale or services). Cut down on errors and management costs by integrating all business information into a single system.

MagoWeb manages the administrative and accounting area, with functionalities related to General, Budgetary, and Analytical Accounting.
It provides tools for financial statement analysis and aids in the production of attachments.
It has dedicated modules for depreciation, professional management, and digital communications.
It exchanges data with Zucchetti applications dedicated to tax declarations and payroll.

MagoWeb manages the Sales and Purchases Processes, from quotations to invoicing and quality control. It has modules dedicated to Sales Force Management, credit management, and regulatory compliance such as CONAI and RAEE. 
It integrates with the Zucchetti Digital Hub for electronic invoicing management.

It complements the Purchasing cycle with Quality Control procedures.

MagoWeb manages both the fiscal and physical warehouse, along with logistics. In addition to precise and detailed availability and stock management, even differentiated by depots and warehouses, a powerful Warehouse Management System is employed for a comprehensive organization of goods flows and storage, complemented by a dedicated mobile app for logistics personnel. The warehouse can also be managed in batches, with complete traceability, and all types of barcodes, both in printing and acquisition, are supported.

MagoWeb coordinates production, starting from defining the production process with a Bill of Materials, cycles, and variants, complemented by a commercial configurator. The execution and process control phase is supported by numerous dedicated functions, including a mobile app. It manages material withdrawals comprehensively, from multiple warehouses, even in batches. It also allows for material inputs, including waste and second-choice materials, with lot traceability through Quality Management.

Specific modules are dedicated to activity planning, including MRP/II. The offering is completed by a tool management module and extensive control reporting.

MagoWeb manages the retail point of sale through integration with POS systems and centralized data management as the backend. It allows for defining the network of retail points with assortments, price lists, variants, sizes/colors, etc. It handles all the logistics of the retail point, including inventory, supplies, reorders, and transfers between retail points, all simplified through the mobile app InStore.

It captures receipts, invoices, returns, with warehouse alignment and related accounting entries, also managing purchase vouchers, loyalty cards, and restaurant vouchers.

For more detailed information about the features offered by MagoWeb, you can refer to the brochure.

Whatever your industry, MagoWeb is always the right choice for achieving real business results thanks to specific core Packages, developed by experts who know exactly what challenges your company faces.

Packages guarantee functional coverage meeting the needs of all the corresponding sectors and subcategories.

If the Packages are not enough, you can choose MagoWeb à la carte, your fully customisable Web ERP responding to the real needs of your company. 

MagoWeb has an impact on all critical parts of the business to help improve revenues, keep expenses in check, improve the decision-making process and transform data into usable information.

MagoWeb is, moreover, designed to respond to growing demand for compliance with regulations and manage all your global operations and multi-branch locations easily and efficiently. The Small Business Package starts with basic coverage of Accounting, Sales and Inventory Management needs.

Companies that have a specific focus on resale of goods and services need lean, efficient tools providing effective support to all business sectors. With this package, MagoWeb provides administrative and logistics staff, the sales force and, last but not least, management with a wide range of predefined and ready-to-use features.

This package offers optimal coverage of the needs of companies whose focus is mainly on the resale of goods: it is designed to offer a centralised vision of this kind of work with optimised management of orders, inventory, procurement and shipments. Processes are optimised with the digitisation of flows and activities, for significant savings in terms of time and management.

MagoWeb offers tools for optimising the business processes of companies dealing with wholesale distribution, supporting the management of sales orders, prices, shipments, procurement and billing. The availability of accurate, real-time information ensures that situations requiring attention can be promptly identified and addressed. The functional focus is on the optimised and complete management of the Supply Chain and warehouse logistics, but the Financial area functions are also included.