Lodgical Solution

Works for any property type

Our software can work with any type of hospitality property, including hotels, condominium hotels, home or vacation rentals, campgrounds, marinas, timeshares and hospital hospitality houses.

Lodgical offers particularly powerful features for condominium properties, such as the ability to withhold maintenance and other fees, automatically rotate rentals among your rental units to ensure parity, and easily print checks for all owners in one fell swoop to make proceeds distribution easy.

All-in-one solution
Lodgical is an all-in-one solution for hospitality management. We offer a PMS, a booking engine, a CRS, and a mobile app for guests, among other modules. We’re able to streamline onboarding for new clients and support questions for existing clients because our software includes all aspects of their operations.

Web-based. Works on any device.
Lodgical is designed to be fully responsive, so it works on any device, from a powerful in-house server to a smartphone thousands of miles away. If you can connect to the internet, you can manage your property with Lodgical.

Our services go beyond the software
Our team has industry experience, including multiple members who have worked directly in the hospitality industry before joining our company. We want to make hospitality easy for our clients.

We provide more than just technical support and training. We use customer success management to implement best practices and coach our clients on how to maximize their revenue.

User Friendly
Property management software should be easy. From accepting new reservations to running reports, from tracking guest profiles and marketing data to staying on top of your housekeeping and maintenance tasks, the software you use should facilitate a smoother operation and, most important, a better guest experience.

That’s why we created Lodgical Solution®. We’re passionate about hospitality, and we wanted software that both meets your business needs and makes building a great guest experience easier, not harder.

High Quality Customer Service
We know how frustrating it can be to feel like you have to choose between the features you need and good customer service. With Lodgical Solution®, you don’t have to choose.

We’ve been an industry leader for decades, pushing the envelope of what hospitality software can do by working closely with property managers and listening to their ideas. And we put our focus on customer service. When you call our office, you’ll always talk to a real person, never a computer.

We’re a global company, with staff members spanning multiple continents. But we maintain a small-business, neighbor-to-neighbor attitude. We pair great software with easy, no-hurdles phone support – the way customer service should be.

Lodgical Solution has direct interfaces with more than 50 of the most popular PMS integrations, including:

  • Credit card payments, including all major US credit card gateways and processors
  • Central Reservations Systems, including all major US CRS companies
  • In-room guest experience tools, including HVAC systems, minibars and entertainment systems
  • Revenue management and accounting tools
  • Guest correspondence and guest CRM software, including one- and two-way SMS messaging
  • Phone and voicemail systems, including all major phone platforms
  • Key card systems and guest wristbands
  • Front desk hardware, including cash drawers, receipt printers, ID and document scanners, and customized eRegistration and signature capture with terms and conditions
  • Point of sale software, including all major US POS platforms

Lodgical CRS
Lodgical CRS is the central hub that connects your property to guests making reservations online. It allows you to configure every aspect of your property’s online presence, from rates to packages to unit descriptions and photos, and ensures rate parity.

Lodgical CRS has direct connections to Expedia and Airbnb, so guests can find you on the most popular online channels. It also includes the InnLine® custom-branded booking engine and community/group OTA. No matter your business’ size, guests can find the best rates by booking directly with you.

Community Portal
Search multiple properties at once in our Community Portal. We include a one-stop-shop for vacancies of the hotel properties in a given community who use our booking engine. This makes it easier for customers who know where they are looking for in their vacation, but don't have to search each hotel in the area individually to find an opening.

Payment Gateway
Lodgical Vault offers secure, PCI-certified storage for all your guest credit cards. Accessible on any device, this application encrypts and tokenizes card information for you, so your operation is not at risk. Simply log in to view the details of a card and process it on a secure payment terminal.

Guest Mobile App
Our mobile app allows guests to start their stay feeling free and secure. Guests may pay for their stay, pre-register, check in and check out using this system.

On their phone, a guest will receive pre-notification of their stay 24-hours before their arrival, and a notification the morning of, containing their reservation information. This includes:

  • Reservation Details: Arrival & Departure, personal information, room information, and more.
  • E-Registration/Pre-Check-in: Terms & Conditions, signature, and payment.
  • Hotel Information: Check-In/Out procedures & times, Wi-Fi, parking, contact information, breakfast, and more.

Housekeeping App
Lodgical Solution includes housekeeping and maintenance functions that give your staff the information they need and provide your guests with clean rooms in working order. As a manager, you can easily assign housekeepers to rooms, block off rooms for maintenance or request maintenance on occupied rooms. Housekeepers can use our housekeeping app to view the rooms assigned to them on a phone or tablet, and mark those rooms clean with the tap of a button. And guests can be notified right away when their room is marked clean.

Lodgical POS
Make your operation run efficiently and boost sales with a point of sale that’s easy for your staff to learn. Lodgical Point of Sale (POS) offers full inventory control, comprehensive reporting and secure, fully PCI-compliant credit card processing that tokenizes cards, so no credit card information is ever stored on your system. It also features complete restaurant functionality, including multiple receipts and kitchen/order up receipts.