LEAN Hotel System

100% Cloud PMS, designed to optimize the main management processes of a hotel, with the best user experience!

LEAN is the most modern PMS (Property Management System), cloud based, multi-device and designed to optimize the main management processes of a hotel with the best user experience:

  • 100% Cloud & Multi-device:

LEAN is a 100% cloud, multi device and customizable: it can be adapted to the hoteliers needs
taking into account the size and type of organization of the hotel.

  • LEAN design: “Less is more”

Modern design, less complexity, only with the functions that you really need.

  • No training required: Our “Step by Step” system will guide you

Process guiding the user through the task and giving the possibility to do related actions within
the process, not having to change menús.
Designed a system based on processes, LEAN will guide you “Step by Step” to complete each
process, so anybody can use it.

  • Increase productivity: Automations, kind of magic!

Lean PMS automates your routine tasks and reduces the human errors, completing the
processes 60% faster than a standard PMS. Do you perform numerous tasks throughout the
day? Automate them! We facilitate the creation of automatic tasks!

Visit the dedicated website and schedule a free Demo of LEAN PMS!

Among its incredible characteristics, it is also worth mentioning:

  • All-in-one module and Multi Property:

There are no different modules (central, backoffice, front office), but you can manage user
access and permissions, by defining group profiles and/or particular user permissions. For hotel
chains: it allows multi property and centralized management and reporting.

  • Credit card management (PSD2 compliant)

Safest credit card management, there is no credit card storage, they are automatically validated
and tokenized when downloaded and credit card charges and refunds can be done with just 1

  • Fastest check-in and night audit:

Fast and easy check-in process (step by step) with a low cost scanner (just 1 second to get
passport or ID information). Fast night audit, just 1 click and process is completed in less than
10 seconds.

  • Flexible and easy billing process:

You can bill the entire stay at check-in!
Very simple billing process, selecting which items would be billed and to which customer.
Also, you can change a customer from an issued invoice in just 3 seconds!

  • A really complete reports section:

In our statistics module you will find several reports or you can create your own using the
customizable report and save them and favorites or schedule an automatic email sending.

  • Channel Manager (Vertical Booking)
  • Revenue Management Systems (Lybra)
  • Financial ERP (Mago ERP)
  • Payment Service Providers 
  • Door Key systems 
  • Hotel Reputation Software 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • POS Systems (TCPOS)
  • Minibar & automated services 
  • Electronic invoicing 
  • Maintenance 
  • Reports and benchmarking 

And more will come soon!

POK Check-in Solutions:

  • POK Hotel Kiosk: POK is the new generation of self-service. It is an innovative self check-in kiosk, created to reduce queues at reception, increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing operating costs . The guest will be able to complete a check-in in 30 seconds with best user experience.
  • POK Online Check-in: 100% web check-in with which your guests will be able to complete the check-in processes, including ID scanning, signature, payment, face recognition and much more from their own device.
  • POK Check-in On The Go: Wireless tool, check-in at the reception queue, on a bus …Wherever you want!
Housekeeping App: Mobile app to manage housekeeping and maintenance department’s tasks: organize work assignments between cleaners, get and edit real time room status, create out of service and out of orders, minibar charges, and so on.

Front App: Android app to get digital signature and customer GDPR consents in check-inprocess at frontdesk. All this information is registered in the system and avoids having to save all this documentation in paper format.