Online software for gyms and sport centres

SPORTRICK, a cloud solution for fitness centres, gyms and swimming pools

SPORTRICK is a cloud software for the fitness and wellness market
The software is a full solution that spans from access control to an E-Commerce portal, covering the vital processes involved in the management of sport centres. 
On the market since 2012, it gained the trust of a vast market share, from small independent clubs and swimming pools to multinational chains and big sport centres.

SPORTRICK’s assets combined with the cloud guarantee a better management of the daily business of the club. It boasts a wide range of integrations with gym-equipment manufacturers (Technogym, Matrix and eGYM), popular marketing platforms and online-payment systems.


Maximise profit margin: this is our clients’ main need.

E-Commerce, Pre-Authorised Payments, CRM and Automated Processes are the key factors to achieve this goal. On this basis, SPORTRICK rewrites the rules to offer an innovative software for the management of sport centres.

Process efficiency and reliable access control are important aspects, but they have been available on the market for many years. Although some clubs still need to consolidate these aspects, with SPORTRICK it possible to take it to the next level thanks to Social Business, Workout-Tracking integrations and online-payment systems, all easily managed on the cloud.


SPORTRICK’s potential is boosted by the numerous integrations:

  • Ad Hoc Revolution software
  • Cloud platforms (eGym®, MYZONE®, MyWellnessCloud®, MailChimp®, SendGrid®, DropBox®)
  • Shower and hair dryer systems by GymGest
  • Access control terminals by Zucchetti
  • Fitness-equipment manifactureres (Technogym, Matrix and eGYM)

SPORTICK covers all the main functional areas of small and big sport centres:

  • Planning of resources (areas, courses, staff, closures)
  • Business models (memberships, passes, one-to-one services, promotions, coupons, credit top-ups)
  • Courses (timetable planning, skills, change of course enrolment)
  • Staff (classes, substitutions, shifts, fee calculation)
  • CRM (automatic tasks, email/sms notifications, qualitative searches)
  • Data analysis (customised dynamic reports, pivot analysis with crossed tabulations, executive dashboards)
  • E-Commerce (online purchases and renewals, class booking, electronic payments, social business)
  • Automatic payments and pre-authorisations (PayPal®, Nexy®, GestPay® and SEPA® integration)
  • Access control (rifd terminals, qr codes/barcodes, one-time access)
  • Integration with cloud platforms (eGym®, MYZONE®, MyWellnessCloud®, MailChimp®, SendGrid® and DropBox®)
  • IoT (shower and hair dryer automations, electronic lockers, actuators for pay-per-use services)