CX Studio

The multi-channel platform for an efficient communication with customers

CX Studio is a multi-channel framework, based on Artificial Intelligence, designed to manage operators, bots and conversations. In any channel, at any time.

It allows you to create dialogues with users, totally one-to-one in multilingual and make 24/7 interaction possible.

CX Studio helps you build an effective Customer Journey: the automation of communication flows, based on Artificial Intelligence and integrated with company systems, takes place on the contact channel preferred by customers and users.

Governs interactions across different channels (SMS, social media, mobile, web, email, voice, IVR) and and convey information in a personalized way.

Understands and conveys dialogues in different languages, to respond to every need for interaction and dialogue in an international context.

Integrates natively with PAT solutions and platforms your company already uses.

Scalable and multi-service, it creates new business opportunities thanks to targeted proactivity, cross and up-selling actions.

Artificial Intelligence is at the basis of the flows and mechanisms of dialogue and interaction. Offer your users a self-service and automated approach.

For each market, it already has specific preconfigured templates for application contexts. Simple applicability depending on your industry.

Thanks to the Flow Designer, the dialogues and the connection between different channels are designed by you, according to your business needs.

From behavior analysis, it automatically triggers proactive business-oriented or customer service actions.

CX Studio is integrated natively with PAT solutions and platforms your company already uses. It governs integrations with any channel (WEB sites, social networks, mobile, Phone, SMS, email, IVR, Google Chat).

Authoring Tool
Use the Authoring Tool graphic editor to design and create processes, interaction flows, proactive actions and communication routes through the channels you use to speak with your customers.

Semantic Engine
The Semantic Engine automatically manages dialogue, interpreting the meaning of the sentence and offering customers content and appropriate responses to their demands.