ZAudit Inspection Management App

Easy and quick checks and inspections!

Are you looking for an effective and immediate way to carry out quality checks and controls in any situation? With ZAudit App, managing inspections becomes fast and easy!

ZAudit, is the app that allows you to make in the field checks and inspections even “off line”.
ZAudit, integrated with the Zucchetti S.p.A. Audit Management solution, allows you to have a predefined and customisable checklist always at your disposal to carry out controls and inspections. Once in the field, the inspector starts the check that can even be performed in situations and places without Internet connection.

Thanks to the ZAudit app, your company has different checklists and questionnaires (regulatory, procedural, organizational, etc) always available, can collect proof from the field supported by photos and videos, consult the reference regulations and start up the report or non-compliance management process.

Moreover, thanks to the Timeline that sends notifications, upcoming verifications and active reports are always at your disposal, allowing you to insert new inspections to be performed, specifying the client, the contractor or the involved company.

Who is the ZAudit verification, control and inspection app dedicated to?
The ZAudit – Enterprise Edition app is dedciated to all those companies that want to constantly monitor the planning and management of checks, reports and anomalies.

How is the ZAudit App activated?
The company must authorize its own workers, who can then download the app autonomously from the main online stores.

Which operating systems is the ZAudit App currently compatible with?
The ZAudit App is compatible with Android.
The App can be downloaded from Google Play.

What is required to use the App correctly?
The company that wants to use the ZAudit app must use Zucchetti’s Audit Management software.

Try the free demo version of the ZAudit App immediately!
Download the App from stores and find out how to simplify control, checks and inspections.