HR SAAS Service

A safe place to store your data

Zucchetti’s HR Saas Services are the perfect solution for companies developing their business by providing services from multiple locations and using specific software to integrate departments and exchange data.

In order to improve companies’ efficiency and productivity, Zucchetti offers organizations an efficient IT environment, thanks to its Business Data Center which is the perfect solution to guarantee the highest level of security and reliability. The use of a facility outside one’s own company, designed and built specifically to handle large quantities of data, is in fact the ideal way to use new technologies trouble-free.

Zucchetti Data Center, located in Lodi, guarantees its users the highest service levels, 24/7, offering applications provided via the Internet in SAAS mode.

One of Zucchetti HR best feature is its focus on security, thanks to an effective management of access credentials and identification process, given the high access attempts and password standards.

High quality IT standards are guaranteed thanks to international certifications while physical, logical and application security are guaranteed by an electrical network and refrigeration, fire prevention and access control system. 

Zucchetti’s disaster recovery plan aims at guaranteeing virtual operational continuity in workplaces during emergencies, at the same time allowing a complete recovery of operations thanks to an integrated and scalable hardware and software system.

Zucchetti Business Data Center provides operational continuity, guaranteed by a Disaster Recovery solution and a Back Up hub. It comprises three main sites:

  • Primary Site, where the main service provision elements are located. It offers Hosting (PAAS), Housing (SAAS), Cloud and Colocation services, to securely store data.
  • Secondary Site, where the provision platforms are concentrated based on a disaster recovery logic. All “Mission Critical” services are provided, even in the event of Disaster Recovery.
  • Site for Backup, where the backup infrastructure and tapes are located. Clients are guaranteed an automatic and secure backup in order to have a copy of their computerized assets at all times