Health monitoring

Your company is healthy with Zucchetti health supervision software!

Sorveglianza Sanitaria is the Zucchetti software that responds to the provision of article 41 of Leg. Decree 81/08 on workplace medicine and that simplifies the work of the company and the appointed doctor.

With Zucchetti Sorveglianza Sanitaria, you can easily manage:

  • Healthcare protocol: define the protocol depending on the risks, and the general and special regulations;
  • Regular and requested medical check-ups: definition of the check-up, organization of any preparatory tests for the appointment, summoning of workers;
  • Communication of prescriptions and limitations to the supervisor, executive manager and the HR Department;
  • Delivery of working fitness for the worker;
  • Filing of fitness declaration and all relative documents.

Thanks to the automatic alerts system, the software also guarantees full control and observation of expiry dates: worker fitness declaration, names of appointed doctors, vaccinations that the worker must undergo, etc.


The Contracts and Supplier Qualification software is part of Safety Solution, the modular Zucchetti suite developed in web technology for complete management of all health and safety in the workplace obligations provided by leg. decree 81/08.:

  • RAD - Risk assessment document
  • OSP- Operational safety plan;
  • Risk factors;
  • PPE- Personal Protection Equipment;
  • Accident management;
  • Health monitoring;
  • Safety training;
  • Contracts.

Safety Solution is available both in license mode (can be installed on customer premises or in the Zucchetti Data Center) and in Software as a Service mode.


Safety Solution has the same database as all applications in the Zucchetti HR, an important plus point and that no other workplace safety management system has.

The single, integrated database permits all the departments and figures involved in the health and safety management process to communicate with each other, drastically reducing low added value routine activities, optimizing processes and improving efficiency, with important advantages for worker safety.