Self-Ordering Kiosk

Faster sales and a better experience for the user

Quick service restaurants, railroad stations and airports, are all restaurant sectors where time is a critical factor for customers who want to eat quality meals quickly. The adoption of innovative technology is thus necessary to ensure a rationalization of the management processes that ensure faster sales and a better experience for the user.

To meet this need, TCPOS created the Self-Ordering Kiosk, as a valid alternative to the cash register, where the customer is directly involved in the meal order. The system offers a complete range of advanced functionalities, developed to improve the efficiency of the point of sale, with the support of a vast variety of peripherals that easily interface with all IT environments.

Since its introduction into the market, the TCPOS Self-Ordering Kiosk has enjoyed unprecedented success, creating a 20% increase in average receipt turnover compared to transactions with the traditional cash register. The Kiosk invites customers to purchase more items, without feeling the pressure of the line behind them, giving them all the time necessary to explore the menu and the offerings available.

Thanks to its flexible architecture and scalability, TCPOS helps to manage the competitive challenges posed by the hospitality market, making it possible to offer maximum quality to clients through extensible POS solutions, adaptable and projected towards the future. TCPOS Self-Ordering Kiosk is thus the ideal system for all companies that want to be in step with the times, simplifying the sales process and ensuring a great experience for customers, who will reward the business by visiting again and again!

The Kiosk is designed to emotionally engage the end user in his customer journey, thanks to the captivating graphics in line with the restaurant’s brand. The interface is presented as an easy to navigate website, offering menus and asking questions to invite the purchase of additional items, such as coffee, bread, etc. Thanks to an intuitive interface, the customer can get information about the available products; see pictures, and read details about the ingredients and allergens – information that the cash register operator often does not know.