Business Process Management

Reduce search time and simplify Data Retrieval!

Business Process Management is an additional module that allows creating, performing and monitoring complex company processes that manage the flow of operations to be performed according to the rules defined through an advanced graphic tool. 

The individual activities to be performed by users involved are shared via the MyDesk, with the possibility to control the progress of each process and the corresponding work times. The Business Process Management module ensures the correct and controlled performance of complex business processes and the consequent increase in the efficiency and quality of operations.

Infinity DMS is integrated with Zucchetti management software (Ad Hoc Infinity, Ad Hoc Enterprise, Ad Hoc Revolution, Gestionale 2, Gestionale 1, for archiving and managing all the administrative documents of the active and passive cycle, logistics and production.

Infinity DMS can be also integrated with third-party software, guaranteeing information uniformity and availability regardless of the applications that generated it.