The best organization of document sharing and distribution processes

Every stored document is classified and based on specific “document classes” freely created and managed by the user, who allows organizing and linking the data into logic folders on more levels. This technique, regardless of the affiliation folder, allows linking the document with one or more application entities (Companies, Persons, Clients, Suppliers, Agents, Contracts, Orders, Invoices, etc.) for a transversal data reading. 
The definition of different security levels for logic folders (files) allows obtaining the desired privacy level and determines the persons/groups authorized to access, by notifying if necessary, a certain action.

Infinity DMS is integrated with Zucchetti management software (Ad Hoc Infinity, Ad Hoc Enterprise, Ad Hoc Revolution, Gestionale 2, Gestionale 1, for archiving and managing all the administrative documents of the active and passive cycle, logistics and production.

Infinity DMS can be also integrated with third-party software, guaranteeing information uniformity and availability regardless of the applications that generated it.