HR Budget and Cost Management

Forecasting and Control of Labour Costs for a Smart Management!

HR management is now required to provide more strategic and real contributions to reach corporate goals. This means that it must, on the one hand, ensure the availability of resources and the necessary skills and, on the other, ensure correct and controlled personnel management, while balancing corporate costs and the ability to generate value.

HR Budget & Cost Management is the Zucchetti HR Infinity suite solution, fully developed with web technology, that allows modern HR management to manage and monitor the various personnel cost components (contract salary elements, variable wages, bonus system, etc.) and various management events that influence it (labor cost forecast, new hires, terminations, salary policies, internal mobility, absenteeism, etc.). The Zucchetti personnel budget and cost software is an advanced and fully functional tool that organizes and processes cost data, to be able to analyze detailed trends, forecast future evolution (budget and forecast) and permit accurate comparisons and analyses to promptly intervene and implement the necessary corrective measures.

Innovative, flexible and user-friendly HR Budget & Cost Management is available both as Licence, installing the solution at the client's premises or at Zucchetti's Data Center and as Cloud Software as a Service.

Integrated and open database

The integrated database shared by all Zucchetti HR keeps all data constantly aligned and avoids errors and repetitive data entry, saving time:

- personal and organizational data for employees and the company;

- cost data concerning individual salaries and accessory costs for personnel from payroll procedures (i.e.: salary, bonuses, contributions, accruals, etc.)

- personnel management and government cost data from other procedures (i.e..: training, recruitment, PPE, canteen, outsourcing, etc.)

Integrated management template

The solution offers an innovative template to increase the data information content on HR management. In fact, personnel cost is analyzed in all its components and dynamics to indicate "why" the cost changes and consequently identify the management policies that govern it.