Access Control Terminals

Easy to install and use, integrated with Your Applications

Zucchetti provides a wide variety of hardware subsystems for access control, from monolithic terminals to modular compositions of controllers and peripheral devices, which in turn can be grouped in closely assembled sets, or installed in open order, distributed configurations.

These systems rely on efficient and secure communications between all components, and this is achieved in our systems by a combination of standard secure protocols like HTTPS, and proprietary ones, running on private or public IP networks and on specialized field buses as well.

Zucchetti Access Control readers and terminals are the best solution for every company, in terms of functionalities and design.

Zucchetti's offer includes first of all the readers, the most common automatic means of identification, used to get users ID from all kinds of credentials. They use the most popular reading technologies, the traditional barcode and magnetic, the current RFID, and the biometric fingerprint. Readers are connected to the door controller or terminals.

Door controller modules are intelligent autonomous Ethernet (PoE) IP modules for DIN rails, which can also be delivered as electronic boards and can work online or offline.

Our terminals are also intelligent, autonomous Ethernet (PoE) IP devices, with screen and keyboard. Among them, the touch-screen terminals are the latest generation devices with high level functionalities, not only for access control, but also for attendance recording and for managing the flow of information among the company staff. GPRS and WiFi options complete their connectivity.