Enrico Itri hands the baton to Dirk Schwindling for the role of 'World Business Operations’ Executive VP

The shift will allow Enrico Itri to focus more on the other positions he holds within Zucchetti

Zucchetti has announced the handover from Enrico Itri to Dirk Schwindling for the role of 'World Business Operations’ Executive VP within the group. Itri will instead turn his focus to the 'Mago' ERP solution business unit, with the new 'MagoCloud' offering, also aimed at the foreign market.

Enrico Itri: “In recent years at Zucchetti, we’ve created an international organisation that supports the various business units and foreign countries, and I know that I’m leaving it in the very best of hands, following these wonderful years of growth.
I would like to warmly thank everyone who has worked with me for helping to make my vision a reality. I’m sure that with this spirit, characterised by listening and sharing, Zucchetti will continue its expansion in both the Italian and foreign market”.

Dirk Schwindling: "This evolution of my role extends my coordination to the entire international market, comprising Europe, Brazil and the United States. My main objective is to further strengthen the relationships and rapports with the whole group, so as to become a global and united team that works synergistically for the success of our customers.
Personally, I have a great deal of faith in the philosophy devised by our founder, Mino Zucchetti; therefore, I firmly believe in the concept of growth. This regards our people, our products and our knowledge. My intention is to transfer this mindset to the work groups, the various countries, to new colleagues, to every project and to all our customers”.