ZConnect, The Zucchetti App For The Management Of Human Resources Available On Huawei Watch 3

An important agreement signed between Huawei and Zucchetti brings human resource management to our smartwatches, extending access to some of the features of the ZConnect Staff Portal app to wearable devices, thus rendering the experience of personnel increasingly digital and innovative

Huawei has recently launched HarmonyOS 2, a new-generation operating system designed for smart devices, which represents an important step forward in terms of innovation and usability. Huawei Watch 3 is just one of the devices based on the new operating system: this smartwatch - thanks to the partnership signed with Zucchetti and its ZConnect app - means that the HR portal is quite literally at hand.

Huawei Watch 3 is in fact an innovative device thanks to which it is possible to access the ZConnect app, which now has over 450,000 active users and is available to download on all existing app stores for both smartphones and tablets. Thanks to this new feature, employees will be able to count on a truly revolutionary contact experience that will make activities such as clocking-in and clocking-out possible - in addition to the association of hours worked with an order or task and the receipt of HR portal notifications - directly on the smartwatch. All of this, naturally integrated with the Zucchetti HR Infinity and HR Project human resource management platforms, will make it possible to raise the experience of personnel to levels of innovation never before seen.

“Today, the Human Revolution requires companies and organisations to speed up the digitisation of processes involving human resources, regardless of the role and task of each individual worker. Technology therefore becomes - more so than ever before - an enabling factor in this strategy, while smartphones and smartwatches represent a significant opportunity that cannot be neglected to achieve this goal. This approach is further amplified by the new trends that will characterise the world of work once the health emergency is finally behind us. In particular, time management at Companies will be increasingly less oriented towards 'attendance control' and will instead assume greater value, so as to understand the progress of the activities and the real workloads. This is why Zucchetti has embraced the dynamism of a partner such as Huawei to bring specific experiences to companies in terms of HR digital transformation", commented Luca Stella, Innovation Manager Zucchetti HR BU.

The partnership between Zucchetti and Huawei is heading towards a revolution - to all intents and purposes - in the management of human resources - a direction that is increasingly more innovative and able to respond to the changing needs of companies and collaborators. Not a simple agreement, but a strategy based on the 'Human Revolution' that includes, in addition to technology, the involvement of people and a re-thinking of organisational processes and models.