New guide to face the reality of remote working

Zucchetti Spain adapts its procedures to the new normality and implements its ERP solutions remotely

- The leading software manufacturer has just launched a new training guide with the keys to remote ERP implementation in the current situation

- In its new guide Zucchetti Spain analyses why now, after the Covid-19, is the right time to carry out an ERP implementation

- The new Zucchetti Spain guide is available from today to the companies that request it, free of charge

Bilbao, 17 June 2020 - The new normality after the Covid-19 has led many companies to consider their management model. Now more than ever, the digital transformation is a reality that they must join in order to continue working normally. This is undoubtedly the time to optimize work systems to store, share and update business data online.

The new normality of remote work, a scenario that demands new tools for digital transformation

In today's remote working situation, the new generation of ERP solutions is one of the most intelligent ways of making all information available at any time of the day with maximum security. Their use provides companies with the reliability, efficiency and scalability needed to manage their activity productively.

In the situation of uncertainty that we are going through, many companies have doubts about whether this is the moment to carry out an ERP implementation. But it is precisely in times of crisis when the opportunity must be taken to transform the foundations on which the company's management is based. This is the only way to face the future from a competitive position.

Although in the past an ERP implementation could be a complex and costly process, involving many trips, meetings, visits to the company, etc., today there are highly flexible and productive solutions that allow a reduction in implementation times.

Zucchetti Spain optimises its proven methodology for remote ERP implementation

In this line, Zucchetti Spain has optimised its ERP implementation model to make it even easier and more intuitive, taking advantage of digital communications to carry out scheduled, systematised implementations and complying with all the safety recommendations derived from the Covid-19, even in the case of confinement. The reference of software manufacturers has a solid experience working remotely and now has strengthened its systems and procedures to help companies adapt to this new situation and remote working with an intuitive process, with close and secure online assistance.

In addition, and in line with its project to generate IT content of value to companies, it has just launched a new training guide in which it identifies the keys to implementing ERP remotely and why this is precisely the best time to do so. In his guide "Keys to implement an ERP remotely during the Covid-19 - Why is the right time to do it" analyzes the suitability of the current situation to carry out an ERP implementation.

In this guide Zucchetti Spain explains how best to carry out this process and what advantages it brings during remote working.
Furthermore, it goes deeper into the methodology of ERP implementation, which varies depending on the phase of each project.

New guide from Zucchetti Spain, "Keys to implementing an ERP remotely during the Covid-19

Companies that wish to access this document can request it now, completely free of charge, at, while stocks last!

A project to accompany companies on their way to the digital transformation
The changes that the Covid-19 crisis has brought about in our way of living and working have highlighted the importance of new technologies in our lives and in companies. This is something that Zucchetit Spain, with its long history as a developer of IT solutions, has always been clear about. For this reason, for years it has been maintaining its collection of Didactic Guides on current IT-related topics, which seeks to keep companies informed about the changes that are taking place and the new solutions with which to face them. A project that complements with the regular publication of contents in its blog.

This is the 20th white paper published by Zucchetti Spain. The complete collection is available free of charge for companies, which can request it through the software manufacturer's website.