Solmicro changes its registered name and begins a new stage as Zucchetti Spain

Starting from 1st January 2019, the Spanish ERP manufacturer Solmicro has become Zucchetti Spain to better lead the Zucchetti Group's expansion project in the Spanish market.

Bilbao, 22 January 2019.- Two years ago Zucchetti Group began his expansion project in Spain. Since that moment, Solmicro has played an important role in this strategy, leading the growth of the group in the Spanish market. This has been an exciting, full of changes trip for Solmicro, who until that moment had been a domestic manufacturer of ERP-CRM software.

After the incorporation of Solmicro into Zucchetti Group, other two manufacturers of ERP-CRM have also joined the company: first, IDS Ingeniería de Sistemas and later, Grupo i68. This two companies have been operating in the market for more than 30 years and have a sound knowledge of the sector needs.
This way, Zucchetti’s project in Spain was born, a project that has now consolidated with the change of Solmicro brand to Zucchetti.

Zucchetti Spain is the sum of the skills and knowledge of a team of 200 experienced professionals, with a turnover of 14 M € and more than 2,000 clients in the domestic market, positioning itself as the point of reference in the IT sector.
Although Zucchetti Group is present in Spain through these three companies, for the moment, only Solmicro will change its registered name into Zucchetti Software Spain and will adopt the commercial brand Zucchetti. This means the beginning of a new stage for Solmicro, right in the year of its 25th anniversary. Along this long road, the company has always kept a strong commitment to innovation and development of leading solutions according to the trends and needs of the market.

The clear commitment of Zucchetti Group to innovation was one of Solmicro’s reasons to join the Group, which dedicates 25% of his workforce to R&D. The group’s growth strategy based on innovation has allowed Zucchetti to become the leading Italian software house in Italy. This vision strengthens the future project in Spain, as it guarantees the requested investment to keep developing the highest technological innovation standards and to position Zucchetti as the provider with more solutions and resources in the Spanish market.

Zucchetti Spain takes on the group’s challenge of expansion and leadership consolidation in the Spanish market, becoming the benchmark for the ERP and HR management software.
For that purpose, the company is developing a market penetration strategy both through organic growth, with the acquisition of new clients and distributors, and through inorganic growth with business acquisitions. In this sense, it is analysing new incorporations of software companies located in Madrid and Barcelona.

If the main objective is to consolidate the expansion and leadership in the domestic market, the objective of the second stage is to enter the Latin American market, given that both of them are key markets for Zucchetti Group’s international expansion. 

To make Zucchetti Spain's wide range of cutting-edge solutions visible to anyone, the company's brand new website is now online.