The inventor of the accounting software celebrates his 80th birthday

Domenico Zucchetti – “Mino” for everyone – celebrated his 80 years together with the employees of the company he founded in 1978, starting from the idea of being the first one in Italy to create a software to manage tax returns.

The 5th February is a special date for Zucchetti, the leading Italian software house, since its founder Domenico Zucchetti (called “Mino”) turns 80.

In 1978 Mino, who was an accountant at the time, was the first one in Italy to have the intuition of designing a software capable of managing tax returns in an automated way to give a competitive advantage to his accounting firm.

He soon understood that that software would have become essential for all accountants in Italy and he therefore decided to establish his own company, Zucchetti, in order to sell it across Italy.

It was the beginning of a successful entrepreneurial story that is continuing nowadays, with Zucchetti Group reaching extraordinary results:

- 466 mln revenues in 2017;
- over 3.800 employees;
- over 150.000 clients;
- over 900 partners in Italy and 200 abroad

Even if in 2008 he decided to leave the leadership of the company to his children Alessandro and Cristina, as he had planned himself in order to better manage the generational change in management, Mino never stopped dedicating his time to his preferred activity: thinking of how to improve the quality of software and services to guarantee the maximum customer satisfaction.

“During these years I have always told people not to wish me happy birthday because it would have been time taken away from our clients – stated Mino Zucchetti – but I have to admit that today I was really moved in seeing the love and respect of my historical and youngest collaborators.

Anyway, what I’ve always told them is that Zucchetti is successful not thanks to one person only, but thanks to all the people that work every day with commitment and passion, having the goal of creating the best solutions on the market. I dedicate to them my warmest thank you.”

The video of Mino’s birthday is available on Zucchetti’s YouTube page.