Forty years after its foundation Zucchetti restyles its look

The new logo becomes the distinctive element to communicate the fundamental values of the leading Italian software house: quality, semplicity and innovation.

In view of its fortieth birthday, that will be celebrated in 2018, Zucchetti decided to restyle its corporate image.

The leading Italian software house has therefore decided to start the restyling by renovating its logo in order to make it simpler, cleaner and more modern. The new Zucchetti’s logo maintains strong elements of continuity with the previous version but each element acquires its own personal space to increase its visual impact and value:

- The letters are more rounded: less angular shapes communicate flexibility and ongoing change;

The colour blue, Zucchetti’s historical and representative colour, becomes brighter: in this way the symbolic meaning of strength, security and competence is combined with the modernity one;

- The letter “Z” becomes a real symbol for Zucchetti, a distinctive element that can also be used individually. The letter Z is formed by two arrows that immediately represent Zucchetti, in particular on the web, on social media, on business apps and on all corporate material;  

- In the new structure the payoff “Our software, your success” acquires more importance because it is not strictly linked to the Zucchetti name anymore. It becomes a real slogan that can be used to communicate the corporate values in the best possible way.

“The logo aims at representing the company’s essence – states Alessandro Zucchetti, president of the company – With the restyling of our corporate image we wanted to communicate Zucchetti’s ability to always be prepared for change and devoted to the search of excellence in order to face current and future challenges, something that we keep showing in our daily activity. Our goal is to adopt a new style of communication, as clear, coherent and effective as possible, in order to show the validity of Zucchetti’s solutions not only in Italy, but also abroad.”