Monza racing circuit

Zucchetti keeps pace with Formula One

The Grand Prix of Monza that took place on Sunday, the 12th of September 2010, is certainly worth remembering: not only the Ferrari team triumphed with Alonso, but the racing-circuit of Monza also played a big role; thanks to Zucchetti access control solutions, the event itself (in terms of the technology used for managing the access of the audience) was a real success, both for security and efficiency.

"There have been three intense days" states Gilberto Polledri, in charge with Zucchetti security and automation systems - we have managed the entrance of over 130,000 people to the racing-circuit of Monza. Zucchetti access control hardware/software systems have been installed in 20 different entrances, outside as well as inside of the sports facility, in order to monitor not only the access, but also the fans walking in from the parking lots to the tribunes, and within the tribunes too, with the purpose of verifying the exact matching between the purchased ticket and the occupied seat.

This high complexity project - as far as the ticketing system is concerned - has been managed in cooperation with TicketOne, exclusive supplier of ticket sale and presale services for all the events held in Monza. The cooperation with TicketOne has proven to be once more based on maximum competency and professionalism. We must highlight the fact that the entire system has been installed and uninstalled in record time - at a true Formula One pace - with great satisfaction on behalf of the promoters."

Equally enthusiastic, Zucchetti's Vice-president Domenico Uggeri: "Zucchetti has proven to be 'boosting custom-built information technology': only on Sunday we have managed more than 75,000 entrances with no inconveniences or delays. It was a great challenge that we have been able to face thanks to the experience gained with the automation of more than 80 stadiums around the world, and which has allowed us to meet all the organizational expectations related to the Grand Prix of Monza. The challenge that we have overtaken shows, once again, that in Zucchetti there are 'Formula One' resources; a success that I want to dedicate to Antonella Di Napoli, a special person, a first-class representative of our team who passed away some days ago; a great loss for us."