America MBA students visit Zucchetti

A group of MBA American Students at Zucchetti Group's headquarters, a day in the life of a leading ICT company

For the second consecutive year, a delegation of students from Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Utah State University- paid a visit to the Italian software house to get acquainted with the strategies and the solutions that made Zucchetti Group a leader in Italy and Europe.
The prestige of Zucchetti Group, Italian and European leader in the Software & Services field, has by now reached the United States, the ICT acknowledged homeland. For the second year in a row, a group of representatives from Jon M. Huntsman School of Business visited Zucchetti in order to personally discover the quality of the solutions and the innovation capacity of the Italian software house.

'This has been a wonderful experience for our students' the Executive Director of the MBA Program, Kenneth C. Snyder, stated- because they understood the reasons that led to the success of a company which is active in an economic environment, defined by small and medium companies, much like the Western region of the United States: ongoing investments in research and development, focus on customers and ability to anticipate needs, medium-to-long term strategies shared with business partners'.

The chairman of the event Bruno Morini, Zucchetti Group's International Development Director, pointed out the importance of these meetings as an opportunity to approach the educational models of the American university environment: 'The fact that Lodi, in particular Zucchetti headquarters, has turned into a traditional destination for the students of Utah State University, definitely makes us proud and, at the same time, allows us to share experiences with overseas technology players. Furthermore, the 12% sales increase of Zucchetti solutions on the American market, during a difficult year like the one that just passed, is a further proof of how much Americans value the 'made in Italy' technology'.

Antonio Grioli, President of Zucchetti Group Board of Directors, has warmly welcomed Jon M. Huntsman School of Business delegation and has renewed the promise to host the American students again next year: 'Even in my university lecturer activity I daily notice the importance of exchanging projects and experiences between successful students and successful companies. This time it is a great satisfaction to gather the American students and Zucchetti Group people that, with their passion and skills, have created and developed this great enterprise'.