Chain Management Goes Through Digitalization

Why Poke Sun-Rice Chose Tilby: building customer loyalty, by offering new services, improving the customer experience and increasing sales.

Building customer loyalty, by offering new services, improving the customer experience and increasing sales. New technologies applied to the world of food service aspire to this. The digitalization is driven especially by chains, where omnichannel offers increasing potential for development.

Such as Poke Sun-Rice, a chain of restaurants that specializes in making the traditional Hawaiian dish: poke. The project, born in October 2019 in Vicenza from the idea of two brothers, immediately achieved positive results. Within three years, it reached the milestone of no fewer than 22 openings nationwide, marking a 70 percent growth that occurred throughout the Covid pandemic. The goal was to make a format that was already successful in major world capitals known nationwide and become an established chain. And so it did.

Using a management system, what are the basic features
On what it takes to ensure ideal service and optimize work, Poke Sun-Rice has clear ideas. "The perfect features of a management system for our reality must include the possibility of remote control - both of consumption and turnover - to create reports through the analysis of recorded data, to update with the different market demands, synchronization of the different premises, and above all, ease of use for the operator," says Benedetta Gamberini, Marketing Manager of Poke Sun-Rice.
"We decided to pursue our business growth together with Tilby because right from the start it was able to meet our need for accurate control of our premises remotely. Thus far, in fact, we use many of the features that Tilby has, from the marketing module to the customer module, and especially the Analytics part. The great benefit of using Tilby as a management tool is the option of synchronized data management for each individual establishment, data such as our reviewed customers, consumption, billings, and reports."

The benefits of Tilby's point of sale features
Tilby's POS software allows you to monitor business performance in real time, on all devices, from anywhere. With Tilby Analytics, you can also track sales, returns or discounts made, analyze sales and promotions, create customer purchase profiles, and monitor employee performance. In short, with the cloud system you keep everything under control.

Build customer loyalty through personalized promotions
Moving from a traditional cash register to a cloud point of sale will allow you to store customer data and purchase history, a huge benefit for customer loyalty. By integrating Tilby with other marketing services you will select exactly which customers might be interested in a specific product, based on purchase history. For example, you can send specific promotions to customers who haven't visited in a long time and others to loyal customers, thus maximizing results. Creating customer cards and leveraging automatic profiling helps you do this, and in an easy way.

Analyze store reports in an integrated, real-time mode
The system has the ability to generate reports built on your business in real time, so you get a set of predefined reports that you can reference. This will help keep track of everything and redefine the best marketing strategies for your chain. Customize the data to show, sorting and filters. In a few taps you can see what you are interested in online or export it to Excel/OpenOffice format.

Studying sales data to create marketing strategies
The Tilby cloud system generates reports on products sold and makes forecasts based on sales trends. You can check how sales are going from tablets, smartphones and computers and export your data to Excel/OpenOffice format whenever you want. In addition, you can view from one spot the sales of all your stores, comparing and analyzing them in detail, moving from store to store in just a few clicks.

What are Tasty Cards and why loyalty programs are useful for chains
Among other features, Tilby offers the opportunity to create loyalty programs. Consumers are increasingly choosing to buy from stores that have a loyalty program. The cloud point of sales can help you create a loyalty program, as in the case of Poke Sun-Rice's Tasty Card. Tilby helps you keep track of your customers and quickly recall them with physical or virtual cards. In fact, many studies have confirmed that consumers prefer to purchase at stores they already know and trust.

For Benedetta Gamberini, "the advantage of having created the loyalty card, which we called Tasty Card, through Tilby is the possibility for consumers to take advantage of it at any Poke Sun-Rice store in Italy. Plus, the easy management through the marketing module allows us to constantly create offers for our most loyal customers. The result on the one hand is a satisfied and curious consumer, and on the other hand the possibility for us to convert a simple one-shot customer into a loyal customer towards the brand."