Tilby Changes Interface And Gets New Features

Over the past few months Tilby team has been working on a new, full-featured graphical interface designed to simplify everyday work.
In future updates, week after week the application will change to give you access to the new layout. In this first update, which is version 4.3.0of Tilby, you will find the first changes.  Thanks also to suggestions from the thousands of users who use it every day, Tilby software interface has been redesigned, following the latest usability standards, which you already find in many other applications.

Tilby cloud POS software will be:

  • faster and more responsive: fewer touches and steps to access required functions, with the same ease of use whether holding the device horizontally or using it vertically.
  • clearer and more intuitive: even for those new to technology, moving through Tilby's features will be as easy as using the other apps already installed on our smartphones.
  • more customizable: more control over the most important features for each user, with the ability to tailor tables and reports to suit the needs of your business.
  • more beautiful: working on the new interface is also pleasing to the eyes, thanks to the use of neutral colors, a pleasant and clean design.

The same path of revisiting the graphical interface is being undertaken simultaneously by the Zucchetti group's other cloud point of sale software, TCPOS. Thanks to common graphical elements, the integration between the two systems will be increasingly close and make the products of the Zucchetti family immediately recognizable to users.

A smooth transition to many new features
The features Tilby users are used to won't be completely changed. Like any change, there will be a short adjustment period in which customers will become familiar with the new layout and the options available.

It will be a gradual transition into several steps: the new design can already be used in the "Providers" section of our app, which offers a first glimpse of the incoming Tilby.

In this module, there are already available options such as:

  • Add or hide columns in reports

Users will be able to select only the data they wish to display in the tables. This way, if a column is no longer needed you will be able to hide it or, conversely, if it is not there yet you can easily add it.

  • Change column order as needed

You can drag and drop columns by moving them where you prefer and rearrange them as you like.

  • Filter data in tables

Setting up quick or more advanced filters will make it even easier to find and gather the information you need across Tilby screens.

  • Bulk edit multiple elements

With the option to apply massive editing to all selected elements, even the most time-consuming and cumbersome operations will be handled in seconds.

  • Sharing the views created

Wouldn't it be wonderful to share newly created reports with everyone on the team? With Tilby now you can, by saving the view and sending it to your collaborators.

  • Export reports according to any requirement

It is not always necessary to extract all the data from a report. On Tilby you will be able to choose only the ones you really need, exporting them in a few steps to CSV or Excel format.

Try out Tilby's new interface now!
The Suppliers section of Tilby application is already available with new layout, both in the Tilby Web version and on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac app.

The update will occur automatically on all devices on which Tilby is used.
As always, Tilby customer service is available 24/7 to offer information and support on newly released features.